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  1. I think he would be way more useful if farming were reworked a bit; as it stands a lot of his good dishes are locked behind a large grind to make the farms, and it is by no means a convenient task to make them.
  2. I dunno man, I frankly don't know how I would deal with the shock of seeing the devs not looking like their profile icons. I shudder to think that @JoeW doesn't actually have that beautiful moo-stache and pipe, and I'm not sure I could look at them the same way ever again
  3. Kill them all; burn their children in front of their eyes so they dare not to challenge you ever again. At least that's what I would do, I cannot speak for you though.
  4. Man even as a cartoon the cat still looks pompous...
  5. Done and done, changed any of the recipes that don't explicitly call for honey to be changed to "sweetener" Since most people just use ice (and there seems to be only 1 other item in the frozen category) I chose to leave it as it was but also make a mention that "Ice Bream can substitute the ice" in the side notes for the dish. I didn't want to confuse anyone that might not necessarily know what frozen means; but I will certainly update it once more items make way into the "frozen" category. I also found out that Ice Bream is usable in "Lobster Bisque" as well when I was testing them out in gameplay. As always if you have any other suggestions or things you think I should add, just let me know and thank you for your time.
  6. I wouldn't hate for it to be added to the merm kings reward table; maybe give wurt a little more utility.
  7. Ah don't worry, in MacTusk culture it is a rite of passage to face your enemy in one to one combat; so don't worry it's only natural
  8. I'd love this; when I play SoT with friends I refuse to be anything but lookout (unless they really need me to) and this would be no different. It would make the ships start to feel a little more like "Ships" y'know?
  9. I like this change a lot. It makes creating the Salad more of a trade-off in the sense that eating the ingredients raw would result in more hunger and health, or you can get a benefit to sanity instead; whereas before, you were always gaining something when you cooked this dish (now you lose something to gain something, in a way).
  10. I'm a fan of the idea of transplanting crops, much like you do with nettles in Hamlet. In Hamlet you find nettle bushes in the deep rainforest and can re-locate them to another part of the forest to grow; after you aquire craftable jungle turf, you can plant them anywhere you want. I personally would like to see most crops take on their realistic appearance: Corn would be farmed as corn stalks Carrots, Potatos, Pumpkins, Eggplants, Watermelons and other "ground-laying" crops would grow as normal Fruits would grow on bushes/trees I think farming could use a little love as of late personally, and I want to see what Klei does with it as time goes on.
  11. Well then if that's the case couldn't you just deconstruct the flooring with the Deconstruction Staff, equip a Construction Amulet and make multiples that way? Not to criticize your idea but that just sounds like the same process before, but with extra steps.
  12. I think it's because they choose to associate with the survivors and are thus, un-allowed to reap the benefits of a normal Constant creature.
  13. Thank you for the feedback! I took the liberty to change a few things with your suggestions: I changed most references of "Twigs" to "Inedibles" unless otherwise specified in a recipe Fixed the values for many of the Crock Pot Dishes and added things to the list that I were missing (wow I missed a lot) Changed the category labels from "Meat-Based" and "Vegetable-Based" to "Meat/Fish-Based" and "Vegetable/Fruit-Based" respectively Added another "NOTE" detailing the advised usage amount of monster meat. I'm going to re-list these up top. If you have any other things that you think I should address feel free to let me know.