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  1. Personally, I think the moon is in itself a living creature. More specifically I think the moon is an "eye". On the art for the Return of Them Wilson is seen below the moon with what appears to be an iris looking down upon him; further suggested by the fact that the icon for enlightenment is represented as an eyeball and the Gestalts themselves are vessels being used by an entity to communicate. Each survivor says something unusual about the Gestalts, more specifically Maxwell whom states the entity as an "it" instead of a "they", leading one to assume that "it" is one singular entity altogether. The survivors that do acknowledge the Gestalts as a majority state that they share one mind in behavior. These are just my 2-cents, take it with a grain of salt. Here's a link to the wiki page of the Gestalts where you can see all the quotes and decide for yourselves. https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Gestalt
  2. Mechanically it would have to make sense. Why does the world suddenly give you different shadow creatures?; why does the rain turn to acid rain and hurt you?; and why are things suddenly more difficult? Those are things that need transitory states that fit well in the world of don't starve in order to enhance the experience while also giving reasons for the sudden changes, but would be a welcome one in the end. The other problem comes from newcomers. While I understand that the focus on newcomers are what's upsetting veteran players as of late due to game mechanics not posing a challenge to them thus not making the long-term game interesting, you have to see it from a company perspective. Klei definitely appreciates the long standing player base that has been around for awhile giving advice on the game forums, however from a business standpoint tailoring to both sides of the coin is what will make them more money in the end; they want more players to buy their game and the skins that go with it, but they want veteran players to enhance the game by giving educated input like these threads to improve said product while also selling to them. In short, it's very unlikely they will pick and choose one side over the other in the end as they have too much to lose by doing so (kinda like asking a parent to choose favorites). Increase the difficulty, you drive away less-experienced players, decrease the difficulty, you'll upset the ones that have given their all to the game and then some. Klei likely wants compromises between both sides that will benefit everyone in the end. For example, having an optional player-controlled event that is available after a certain day that ramps up the difficulty of the game while increasing the rewards would benefit veteran players while also not hindering newer ones by forcing them to adhere to said challenges without them choosing to do so (shadow pieces/ancient fuelweaver come to mind as an example). If people want changes for the game on a larger scale, they will have to appeal to the grand scheme of Klei themselves with ideas that benefit all parties involved as they are more likely to implement such in order to make the game grander and better for everyone.
  3. The moose looks like he's dancing in a church choir lol.
  4. Join the Italian Mafia!

    ah yes....I was indeed wrong about my edited post..I am EXTRA stupid. Lol, imma make my semi-dignified exit now
  5. Join the Italian Mafia!

    Heck why not, it's all in good fun. Woodie mains unite! EDIT: I regret to inform that I am too stupid to figure out how to change the tagname despite you giving clear instructions above.
  6. I also love how making a boat is nearly pointless aside from salt mining (even the malbatross fight is somewhat redundant too) since he is the best for ocean travel, which makes the annoyance of sailing nonexistent when you can just run to the island if you wanted to. And being able to cut maybe 2-day trips down to a fraction by being able to cross the ocean is a god send
  7. I had zero doubt in my mind that they would pull through in the end, the developers at Klei are definitively looking out for the fanbase in the end.
  8. It's usually not good practice for a company to get involved in community drama from a vocal standpoint as it can warp their intentions depending on what they say, as was probably the case with the controversy of Warbuck's removal. For example, when Warbucks's retirement was announced they included the lines "culturaly problematic" which set off a lot of people, despite that they probably only thought he was just plain ol' boring and wanted to list off a few minor reasons as well; that one line sparked loads of controversy and debate from people. Stuff like that happens often in other communities as well, so in short I think they're are just being careful about what they say and what actions they take, which is why it seems like they are not getting involved. I should note though that this is only my opinion, and should be taken with a grain of salt.
  9. lucy isn't real?

    The fact that other players cannot pick her up and even get scolded by her when you try to do so solidifies the idea of her being sentient in my mind personally. Just had that epiphany like 20 minutes ago.
  10. I like point #5 the most imo as it makes the controversy of sanity loss per minute nearly nonexistent. You want to turn into the were-moose? Perfectly fine, just take a 50 sanity hit and you can stay in the form for as long as you can manage without having to worry about going insane every transformation.
  11. While I agree that there are some pretty big underlying concerns with the update (that I'm almost positive will be fixed relatively soon, considering they were looking for feedback anyways) I think people went way too far about displaying their disapproval. Very harsh towards the devs indeed, especially since they actually listen to their community unlike other development teams nowadays and usually always does what's best in the end.
  12. What are your guy's thoughts on the new Woodie? In my opinion, he doesn't really feel like he has any upsides initially; all transformations seem to last very shortly, as well as proving to be a tremendous nuisance to your health and hunger as a result. When you transform, the duration of the form you chose seems to regress very quickly if you aren't doing the tasks associated with the creature (running as Goose, fighting as Moose, chopping as Beaver). The lack of healing options in any form add to the mess a bit. My recommendation(s): - Let the Idols not perish or remove the monster meat requirement - Let the were-meter drain at a rate of 1 every 2-3 seconds instead (regardless of activity) - Give the transformations (mostly moose) a method of healing - Set Woodies hunger to half the maximum instead of zero upon turning back to normal - Controversial idea: Let Woodie regain health and sanity upon eating logs, twigs, grass, etc. - Controversial idea MK.2: Lower sanity drain even further or add previous pinecone sanity perk - Let the Goose traverse water (not tested fully on my part, so ignore if I am wrong), and possibly lose aggro from enemies when transformed as the goose - Give the moose better natural armor, and perhaps slightly better damage (72 perhaps to make the transformation worthwhile) These ideas may be extreme in some cases, but the aim is to improve Woodie. Regardless, now is the time that Woodie will be "tuned" so I suppose it would be right to say "speak now or forever hold your piece".
  13. Thank you, I couldn't find the clarification anywhere else to be sure.
  14. The boulders are not renewable, however using the "bath bomb-full moon method" moon glass becomes renewable