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  1. This is actually a good point that I hadn't thought of before. "what makes a challenge, and what separates that from a penalty?" is a question you have me thinking of now; and that could be a good starting position for any future suggestions (at least for me anyways).
  2. Imo, I wouldn't mind if they did away with the fashion goggles entirely and moved the desert goggles to the dress tab; furthermore letting you fish up an item from the oasis that lets you improve the goggles' functionality.
  3. I would love that music to replace the autumn work music for Woodie ngl.
  4. I just don't really see the point of her being in the game. I mean, the navigadget was great in SW, allowing you to easily map out islands and find resources in different areas (doydoys especially); was also useful in Hamlet to find relics and things like gold, iron, and charcoal early on. A lot of resources are very close to one another in DST, but when you uncover those resources (say you put bone shards in it when sailing to find the lunar island), what other use does it serve when you know about their position? After a long-time of using the pew-matic, I usually put it in a chest somewhere and leave it; mainly because it just never served me well. The argument was made that it was OP as you can farm nightmare fuel as ammunition, however it never made sense to me as to why it wouldn't be better to just make a dark sword and get skill in hand to hand combat. 5 shots of nightmare fuel from the pewmatic: 300 damage 5 hits from a dark sword: 340 damage 5 nightmare fuel in itself can make a dark sword that can do a potential 6800 damage in its lifetime Personally, I find the horn to be a cool boomerang in essence (but that's just me), but I can't say I would personally use it that often outside of farming birds for feathers or a krampus sack. What I really liked was her passive perks such as her dash ability and speed boost with empty inventory slots, allowing you to nearly halve the time it takes to get where you need to compared to other characters, and dodge enemy attacks easily. In short, I just don't know what she could do to help a team if she were added in; she's an explorer, but when the "exploring" is done, what could she do that no one else can?
  5. Kinda bored today, thought it'd be cool. Idk, like on a full moon or something? Anyways...........aliens.
  6. Bosses (or even enemies) that require conditions to be met during the battle in order to progress the fight. For example, the only weakspot being the tail, but you have to mine it every so often to break its rocky shell that it regenerates; or perhaps a boss that segments itself into tiny pieces after taking a certain amount of damage and re-combines itself after a little bit, forcing you to only be able to kill it when all of its pieces are destroyed one by one. I love the poison birchnut trees because you can only kill them by chopping them down instead of hitting them. I personally would love to see a boss you would have to use less ordinary methods to beat, like a boss you have to use the fishing rod on to remove objects attached to its head or something similar with different tools like the axe, bug net, or razor.
  7. Also one thing to note about the lunar island biome is that there isn't any sea stacks or deep water between the island and the main land.
  8. I wish the forums had a section like "Guides & Tips", where newer players (and veterans too) can go to post their general and advanced knowledge on the game and its mechanics. Would be very useful for new players that want to put some spice in their games and learn more about strategies and such, while also being a great place to share knowledge with people that may otherwise be unknown to most. I think this post would fit perfectly under that type of category with its helpful information.
  9. Fair enough. Although may I recommend joining a discord for DST? In there you can chat with regulars about the game, make friends, start/join groups, or take part in community goals with dedicated servers; that way you are far more likely to find serious players in bulk, and can coordinate much easier as well on top of meeting potential friends.
  10. Why invite random people to join a server though? Wouldn't it be better to just invite friends you know won't grief?
  11. One of the problems with suggested changes is that no one can agree on them, which in turn shows that they're not ready to be implemented. I think the best way to incorporate change is to do so gradually, which I believe Klei has done amazing at in the past. That being said, I would love new yearly events that change every year; I believe it would give incentive to prepare for the world no matter the base or the time spent in the world. Now this is just my opinion on this next part, so please take it with a grain of salt. I would love if the game stayed relatively how it is (in terms of mechanics such as sanity, hunger, fighting, and utility) without change, but rather ADD new changes to the later game itself as to be random for the player each year after year one
  12. I like the Deerclops the most because no matter how many times I've fought it before, the buildup-moans for the fight will always give me enough anxiety to make ABSOLUTELY SURE I have everything I need to fight it; exactly the feeling I want from a "boss".
  13. ngl I'm kinda sick of hearing about balance changes (personally might I add); it just feels like that's all anyone talks about now days instead of wanting new content. To make matters worse, even when we discuss them, NO ONE can fully agree on anything so we start from scratch and we rinse and repeat in the next thread proposing them. I really would love for new events to pop up again, as it gave me a way to mess around on days I didn't want to survive (IE: I could just play the Forge for fighting-fun if I didn't want to continue base building).
  14. Tier 3 is big brain time. "You thought lightning rods and Ice flingomatics were the epitome of science, BUT NOT UNTIL NOW. Enjoy the practicalities of time travel, ray guns, and robot butlers! We have flying cars, automatic dog walkers, humandestructionatthehandsofourrobotoverlords, and portable jacuzzi's! So come over to the constant and make your dreams of world-annihilation come true!"