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Hydrogen needed I'm trash

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Hey guys, 

Recently I've been getting hydrogen rockets going. I surprisingly found a way to make my idea of using thermal Injectors in the creation of LOX and Lh2 work. I'm stresstesting my build. 

I've found it to be able to easily handle 2kg per second of O2 and 1.4 kg per second of H2. Given, that the gasses are prechilled to about - 4C. Easily done with some wheezeworts. 

Now I really want to crank up my hydrogen production to see how much hydrogen and oxygen my build can actually handle. I'm just having a hard time efficiently collecting the hydrogen from my electrolyzers, I've tried removing the bottom half of a spom in space, but the hydrogen is leaking out, or I constantly end up with oxygen in my hydrogen lines. 

Normally I'd use the runoff from my spoms but I only get about 600 to 700 grams per second. Oxygen is not an issue, I'm producing about 5 kg/'s of excess oxygen. 

Anyone know of any compact builds specifically for collecting hydrogen for electrolyzers? 

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I also started with a SPOM but quite early, after I barely built the petroleum rockets. I used the oxygen for oxylite and telescope with the excess dumped in the base (outside the core base, just to build pressure. I then built a massive "parking lot" for the hydrogen, it was 10 stories/shelves and 6 tanks on each level. By the time I started liquefying the hydrogen I was already burning some of this hydrogen in generators because I had too much. Of course, once I started liquefying, the tanks emptied but it was a very good start. 

After I emptied the regular tanks, I demolished them and built a high-pressure tank which could stored in a very confined space a lot of hydrogen building up in between missions. Much later I tapped into a hydrogen vent; I don't really need it but it's a good backup. 

PS: the SPOM is a full Rodriguez

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4 hours ago, Gurgel said:

I optimized space-based hydrogen generation some time ago:

That's exactly the kind of thing I was looking for! Thanks a lot! 

So now that I have that up and running providing me with plenty of hydrogen, I've run into another problem. Basically my hydrogen was getting a little too warm when I cranked both oxygen and hydrogen inflow up to 2kg/second. 

Turns out I forgot something incredibly effective I have at my disposal by now: thermium radiant pipes instead of gold. 

However that created another problem, my hydrogen started freezing, but the margins are way too small for me to bother with precise temperature tweaking with automation and whatnot, it is however indicative of my build being able to handle more than 2kg/sec of both oxygen and hydrogen. But that's something for another topic. 

I'm going to play around with this some more, thanks for the help guys! 

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8 hours ago, Gurgel said:

I optimized space-based  generation some time ago:


3 hours ago, suxkar said:

A liquid reservoir in the cooling loop does wonders to avoid solid hydrogen.

Let me suggest the bud I went for after some testing:


Normally I'd do just that. Thing is my design does not really allow for liquid tanks in it.  

However after leaving it running for a while I noticed that as soon as the liquid reservoirs outside of it fill up, and Gass inlets have been shut off after having a certain amount of liquid hydrogen gathering it stabilizes after the hydrogen has gone from ice to liquid a few times. On top of that, this only happens until after liquid tanks are filled up and extra hydrogen has collected within the cooling space. 

So personally, I don't see an issue, the ice liquifies fairly quickly on its own when it's blasted with 2kg a second of hydrogen gas. 

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