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  1. Me neither. It was just wishful thinking. I really love the grind from Scratch, but it's also a shame to have to give up a nice well running colony
  2. I wonder if there will be possible scenario's where this will lead to you instantly melting your entire asteroid
  3. If I get the DLC down the line... Does this mean that in order to be able to utilize the new features I have to start a new colony though?
  4. Thanks SharraShimada and klei. Ruby for your suggestions! The problem kind of resolved itself somehow. I tried manually moving dupes over steel that was lying around and they could move to it. However, while part of my qued up buildings was completed over the course of a long time, some weren't. I had some steel lying around in one spot from decommissioned rockets, bunker tiles and gantries. And there was a ladder leading to the spot in question. Nothing was broken. But I replaced the ladder segments with new ones and whaddya know. My resource tab all of a sudden lights up with a couple tones of steel Im sure I had all along!. Would it still be relevant for me to upload the save after it's been resolved, I kinda played on for another 300 cycles by now after my little issue was resolved. If so, how exactly do I do it? Same way as with pictures? (I'm kinda new to klei forums btw) Thanks for your input guys!
  5. So I have been excited to get into rocketry. My colony is 600 cycles in and Im gonna build my third rocket. However I noticed I had no steel so I went about producing some. After a while I still didn't have any, so I checked on my refineries to see steel lying down. I scoured my base and have literally tons of it lying around actually, but it doesn't get counted into my resources, hence I cannot progress further as of now (save for debug/sandbox mode but that isn't fun. In the picture I took you can so my mouse hovering over 100 kg of freshly produced steel, lying around. However the resource tab says I have 0 kg of steel lying around. Edit: I found out that when I click on steel in the tab it does take me straight to nearby steel lying around. Peculiar.