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  1. Ah I see, I thought you were specifically pointing to threads regarding exploits rather that just utilizing wacky mechanics. Then again, in a game like oni wacky mechanics and exploits have a really blurred line between them in my opinion. True, some may be more tedious than a turbine set up. No doubt about that. However in talking about the crab I found the crab way less tedious to set up and much less of a lengthy chore in some ways. And you're right in the sense that the crab is not as straightforward. But once you get the jist of it it's actually incredibly easy, which is why I so far like it as much a turbine setup. I mostly like it because like you said it's a cool concept and something new and different. And I have the room to play around with it. I've struck gold on water sources and have had to bottleneck a cool steam vent in order to prevent my water basin from overflowing. So takin the time to cool down the water with a crab cooler is a perfect way to experiment, that will have use in the future. But thanks alot! I'll definitely take a look at some threads on best deletion in steam turbines and such, pretty curious what I can find.
  2. I'm aware that the steam turbine is likely the best way to delete heat. On the other hand I'm not really looking to be using bugs or glitches, at least not in this playthrough. I just wanted to try some alternate methods. And if alternate gives me a suboptimal way of doing the same thing when honestly the return of a steam turbine setup is negligible in terms of where I'm at in this playthrough then I'm all for it. I understand what you're getting at though, thanks for the input! I just got done setting it up. Realized quickly 100 kg of ethanol and petroleum are not gonna cut it. So I just dumped 1000kg of ethanol in, along with a bypass for the AT. And for two cycles so far it's been strictly wobbling back and forth between a comfy 78 and 82 degrees Celsius. Don't know about longer term though. But here's to hoping it works
  3. Oh wow that's pretty nice! Not what I expected. So ethanol is the only element that gets a lower SHC as it evaporates. Shame there aren't any more elements that can do this but hey its definitely useful I'll definitely play around with this one. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, back again. Lately I've been playing around with using slightly different cooling sources than I'm used to. I try using, for example, the liquid carbon dioxide from a geyser and several AETN's around the map. A bit of a change of scenery from the usual steamturbines aquatuner set up Now I have some plans for creating magma myself as my only volcanoes are buried deep within the magma biome so I can't touch those for a while. However this gets me to rocketry. Just like with melting regolith I use a heat battery with salt, which when evaporated also has a met energy gain in terms of specific heat capacity. I chain two of them coupled with thermal injectors and I can create large amounts of magma pretty quickly. By cycling regolith through them. NOW, I was wondering does anyone know if there is a reverse to this effect? Are there materials that become solids or liquids at low temperatures, which somehow get a lower specific heat capacity after they freeze? I don't know if simply reversing the conditions would actually result in a net energy loss, I'm not too physics savvy. But it'd seem like if this were the case we could gain some cool new cooling tricks I don't really have a lot of time to play or research this myself. But I was hoping someone can shed some light on this. Haven't read about it anywhere so my hopes are slim. But it never hurts to try. Anyways, thanks in advance guys!
  5. Don't meteor impacts on tiles still affect the tiles directly adjacent to it? Could be that that tossed the debris around. Still weird that that'd teleport the debris outside of the little box.
  6. I honestly am as curious as you are with regards to what could be happening. However, the manual airlocks kind of seem reminiscent to some post i saw regarding a tutorial on escher waterfalls or something? Not sure though. Could be related. But i know just about enough to be very comfortable with the game, but too little to be able to decipher what mind of anvanced ONI math and/or mechanics could be going on. No doubt some of the unholy godlike minds of oni can help you with this
  7. You can always do something hellish like metalpoor geodormant badlands with max difficulty modifiers
  8. Oh **** really? I thought it was capped higher than that. Thankfully i didnt start building anything yet then, would've been a waste of time Thanks!
  9. This is making me scared to chuck in any build involving any kind of heating/cooling or heat transfer in order to work. Is it really that bad? Ive been tinkering with some designs yesterday and have seen more time in the temperature overlay than i'd wish on my worst enemies but i haven't really noticed anything horrifyingly off. Only thing i noticed is that when i dripped packets of 10kg liquid oxygen into a roughly 80°C oil biome it seemed to not really equalize temperatures with the hot CO2 in there as quickly as im used to.
  10. Hey guys. Lately i've been trying to gather lots of space resources. In order to kick everything into gear i'm going to have to produce a lot of liquid hydrogen and oxygen and i want to be able to do it quickly so among other things i need thermium. Quite a lot. Now i dont have that much tungsten available on my map, nor closeby in space. So i've been thinking on melting my abundance of abyssalite through rocket exhausts. I've read about it being possible. However i cannot really find that much on how to go about it. On top of that im not too experienced with heat cones of rocket exhausts. All i know is to keep important buildings and such away from them if i dont want to vaporize them Does anyone have experience with this? Anything in particular to take into account?
  11. Thanks, if I ever want to really kill off a dupe I'll make use of this. For now I just dunked her in magma and removed a couple ladders.
  12. WHAT Did you pull my save from the bug report? What the ever living hell?! I went over my dupes traits twice and I read past it. Whoops now I feel like an idiot. At least I know which dupe is going to suffer a horrifying accident now.
  13. so i was playing around in my new colony and was revelling in the glory of finally getting a core base together for my dupes. and i found natural gass appearing out of thin air. Now, i have quite som natural gas piled up in my oil biome, but have literally never pumped a single packet anywhere. if you take a look at this gas overlay, the only way for gasses to enter my dupes' home base is through the vents that are connected to a spom I had noticed this before in an earlier colony, when i had set up a core base as well, but i was using a gass range too so i figured something must've happened when laying the pipes, no big deal i thought. But now it's happening again, and i've got no clue what it could be. The only legitimate way for the gass to get in is through my vents. so i vaccuumed out my spom room using debug, and also removed the natural gas. And a cycle later it's there again. Then i went and checked if any of my dupes posessed the flatulent trait. Unlikely since im very careful with dupe selection but still, gotta rule out other options. None of my dupes posess the trait. So i'm thinking, is this a bug? or are there any game mechanics that can produce natural gass that im not aware of?. i do have a fridge with food in it, some recently spoiled due to me accidentally putting a deconstruct order on one of the power wires without noticing. Could that have anything to do with it Does anyone else have any experiences with this? Edit: I've taken a look at the packets appearing. It's not a matter of a couple of (milli) grams either, there's packets of hundreds of grams, some exceeding even 1kg in mass. Edit2: after actually spotting a packet of natural gas appearing out of nowhere before Also disappearing I've put together a bug report and issues it.
  14. Me neither. It was just wishful thinking. I really love the grind from Scratch, but it's also a shame to have to give up a nice well running colony
  15. I wonder if there will be possible scenario's where this will lead to you instantly melting your entire asteroid