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  1. I'm not home at the moment, I'll probably be able to take a look tomorrow, I'll post it here tomorrow The regolith melter has provided me with lots of power indeed, thought it could even power up to 15 turbines Hmm I'm not at home at the moment, I'll be able to check it out tomorrow though. You need aquatuners just to cool your Spoms? That must be some serious heat they're putting out, how come? I just run pipes of my main water supply of already chilled water behind them and that works out fine in churning out hydrogen and oxygen that is well below 20C. You'd do well to save up on some Nat gas, through some sour Gass boiler since nat gas geysers don't have output that will keep you going for long. It's a bit of a hassle to set up but the rewards are quite nice, on top of that you could repurpose the water/steam gained from it to either produce oxygen and hydrogen, gain some dirt or by doing some other things with the polluted water. Relatively uncomplicated and small designs exist too like the one I used for just 1kg/second of nat gas. I don't know if it's net water positive but water shouldn't really be a problem, just tame some steam vents.
  2. I think I have 11 or 12 constantly running AT's off the top of my head. Around 20 acces points Id say, true at one point I doubt the necessity of Constantly removing regolith, but it serves to me a dual purpose of harvesting regolith for a regolith melter powering 11 steam turbines, on top of that it has so far converted regolith into 2000 tones of igneous rock. I have dupes running supply errands all over, however to preserve performance I have centralised storage where I literally dump everything, so in order to maybe supply a build in space, dupes have to travel to my storage around the center of the map to get it sometimes leading to 4 dupes working on a build having to travel back and forth 2 to 3 times each. In order to speed that up I have to have a lot of quick acces leading to the storage and leading to the vicinity of wherever they need to go. And that's just the dupes running supply errands, usually when they get out of the living quarters the start of a cycle, at least 8 immediately jump into the transit tubes and go off to do what they do and when they have downtime or go to bed, they use the transit tubes as well to get back to the living quarters( except for when they're real close to the living quarters) . So that is a standard of 2 to 3 uses for every dupe on top of that as wel. 10 times per dupe per cycle would be a stretch. From what I've seen it's more like around 6 times per day for every dupe. I don't know the exact numbers though. Could be that it's something different consuming the bulk of my power but I find that unlikely. I recently had to implement sour Gass boiling for the nat Gass generators to quick-fix the twofold problem of a dirt shortage accompanied by occasional brown outs during spikes in power consumption, especially when meteor showers hit, bunker doors opened and all my sweepers and miners had to get to work. So what I do with all my power is... Consume it... To which the logical next answer would be either crank up power production or to conserve consumption... Which I really wasn't feeling like doing. Also, I could probably do with less power producers. Everything is automated and it usually takes 10 seconds of everything running to fill the batteries up again due to my high net-production, 6 petrol gens and maybe only 8 NG gens was working earlier, but it took incredibly long for my batteries to fill up, maybe over half a cycle at times, if they filled up at all. At some points they just drained ever so slowly while my producers were constantly running. So I just made sure I set up enough petrol gens and (now) nat-gas gens so that my production of petrol/Gass almost matched their consumption if they were to have to run full time at one point. Of course, my power producers aren't running continously, but it does allow me to compensate for potential future needs so I won't have to micromanage my everything because I may or may not be producing enough power.
  3. The bulk of my power consumption comes from aquatuners maintaining cooling loops, I've also built a large space reserved for automining and collecting regolith with a lot of miners and sweepers. On top of that I have a transit tube network with lots of access points, i want everything place to be accessible. It tends to drain a lot of power when you have 20 dupes using it over the course of a cycle. Also
  4. I kind of like it using up more water as is, since I'm boiling petroleum instead of using oil refineries, on top of that I've built a mini sour Gass boiler which, powers two small bricks of 12 nat. Gas geysers one which is insulated, left to heat up to about 150 degrees before the turbines kick in, after which the polluted water has flashed into steam, the dirt is collected and shipped off, while the other brick feeds its water straight into my Ph20 reserves, which, among with the water from 8 petroleum generators, two Ph20 geysers, and two cool slush geysers actually leaves me with more water than I know what to do with. I could do with more hydrogen, but I don't like wasting the oxygen I'm thinking of upping h2 production by building a spom and just shipping the oxygen off to a small room where I can freeze it and leave it in airflow tiles in a vacuumed space or something. But then again that'd defeat the purpose of me switching to steam and nat. Gas power primarily since hydrogen gens and my reserves are basically backups for if power goes reaal low. So basically, right now I have no necessary use for extra water to turn into hydrogen. Although, it's a good point, if and when I ever have to be conservative on resources I'll definitely keep that in mind!
  5. I would, never bothered with them though and by now I'm so far down the line that all pufts in my map have died off sometime somehow. I've got both, oxylite production has made the problem of spoms backing up much less frequent and more manageable already for me, as such I'm using it in petrol rockets which I can send back and forth in high frequency to 10k/20k asteroids to get fullerene, while saving Lox and Lh2 as precious fuel for longer trips. So untill I get enough dupes to offset oxygen production Im going to stick with oxylite for a while.
  6. I actually did just that, I have 20 dupes so I basically assigned groups of 5 dupes 2 or 3 high priority tasks while putting everything else on average. Now I have 5 with high priority for farming/ranching. 5 for digging/building. 5 for supplying/life support and tidying. And 5 on cooking research and operating. Works like a charm now
  7. Hmm could be, I mean I tried to fit overflows and stuff into a small space so the piping can get wonky. However I did manage to automate the delivery of filtration medium to the sieves. Which my dupes refused for some reason, all the while I had 10 dupes idling. I'm still not sure what it was, but it's been fixed. Getting 3 full pipes of clean water continuously now, thanks guys!
  8. That's the thing, when it requires sand it says awaiting filtration medium, that didn't pop up either It's excessive ish for now. I'm running a little tight on water, I'm using a little over 2 continuous full pipes constantly, I'm hoping to get my clean water output up to 3 continuous full pipes so that I can build up a bit of a buffer. My setup is (going to be) excessive in the sense that I'm producing more clean cool water than I need, but it's to offset any Increase in demand in the future
  9. Edit: I am used to getting a pop up like: insufficient resources: filtration medium. Or some ****. Turns out I had 99 grams of sand left. And I never got a notice
  10. They have sand, no blocked pipes if I'm to believe the game. Everything just stops as soon was my water hits the intake. Saves/reloading doesn't work. What the actual feck, anybody know what's going on?
  11. Looks very well designed and put together, lots of automation though, especially with the conveyors. Is it hard to set up in survival? Also is it heavy on power requirements?
  12. Sounds good! I'll post pictures later on, might also clean up the piping and everything a bit, since this was my first try everything still looks a bit wonky
  13. I've been running up on hydrogen rockets, research should be finished soon. I've already set up liquid H2 and O2 production so that I have some ready for when I can get to building hydrogen engines. Now I have a question about the general setups and my own setup, but first off a little explanation about my situation/setup. I see lots of setups using several aquatuners, a lot of automation which seems overly complicated to me, but maybe I don't understand the designs. I have a small 1 tile high pool filled with tiny amounts of supercoolant surrounded by diamond tiles through which gold radiant liquid pipes with supercoolant is circulated, this is of course linked to a steamturbine/ aquatuner setup. Above and below I this little space I have connected several automated airlock serving as thermal injectors, which as far as I can see eliminates the need to manage your sc temperatures. In the basins for H2 and O2 I have a couple of reservoirs which are linked to each other, and the outlets circulate through the diamond tile outlines of the tanks to disperse and spread cold throughout the reservoirs. Before being reintroduced to the beginning of the loop, of course a liquid pump is also in the reservoirs This loop is at its end connected to the input end of (currently) inactive shutoffs which allow me to automate fuelling the rockets. Inside the reservoirs I have some tempshift plates to equalize temperatures. (update) I found out the placement of tempshift plates doesn't matter for lox that much. Lh2 however has much less wiggle room between keeping it condensed into liquid but preventing it from freezing. I have placed 1 row down from the leftmost tile of the left liquid reservoir in the hydrogen tank. And one row down the rightmost tile of the liquid pump. Hydrosensors set to activate the pump at certain pressure, maintaining a layer of liquid O2 or H2 that helps stabilize temperature in the tanks. Inside them is a thermosensor that sends green signals to the thermal injectors if ambient temperatures inside the reservoirs go above a certain threshold, I can't remember the exact numbers, but remember setting them to 2 or 3 degrees below the condensation points of both H2 and O2. This is also linked to gas shutoffs, killing the inflow of Gass should ambient temperatures in the reservoirs go too high. This has allowed me to pull vacuum in both rooms meaning that the Gass instantly condensates on entry into the tanks. (I'm on a little trip right now, can't post pictures, could add them later.) Note, as of testing I am capable of processing a full 1kg per second inflow of hydrogen and oxygen into liquid form. Planning on stresstesting the system to possibly handle large inflow of hydrogen and oxygen. So, I'm asking you all. Have I come in touch with a spark of genius I never knew I had and created a Hella simple setup, or are there drawbacks to my system or perks to others that I'm unaware of? It might be hard to judge without pictures as of now, but I'll add them later. (Update/edit, As promised, i have gathered together some pics of my setup . Extra update* hydrogen is tends to heat up pretty quickly. Often shutting off Gass inflow and killing production. I have had the oxygen and hydrogen tanks switch places, because thermal injectors can provide some more immediate cooling to the H2. I also put regular drywall and an insulated tile above the Gass vent in the H2 tank, to keep it from heating up adjacent diamond tiles too much, to prevent potential heat damage to the pipes.) \
  14. I am aware of the temperature of the oxygen, luckily the spot I'm planning to put my slickster pens is situated right below a Boulder of 1000+ C obsidian, so I can definitely use that to preheat the CO2 pretty effectively I'd say.
  15. Honestly, I don't know. I like to just be set for the fore I don't know to be honest, I like to be set for the foreseeable future. I'm closing in on cycle 1000 running 20 dupes, planning on running about 6 rockets soon. I've got 8 hydrogen generators, a regolith melter powering 11steam turbines with 1400C igneous rock, plus 6 additional turbines. Lastly Ive got 10 NG generators as wel. The 8 petrol generators are far from everything there is for me. But, I'm running a lot of aquatuners as well for cooling loops. Have a lot of transit tube acces points which also consume quite some power. So, I'm producing more than needed in most cases, but my demand for power is not small either, for as far as my experience can tell me. The petrol generators are also just a runoff for excess petroleum. But with the prospect of lots of expansion further down the line I'd like to not have a lot of small extra issues I'm running into. My average consumption is about 27Kw. With a potential consumption of 48 kw (should I for some unlikely reason need to turn on everything at once, everything runs periodally for short times.) Also on the CO2 scrubbers, you're right. For some reason I thought CO2 scrubbers worked like toilets and ended up in a net water gain. Foolish me. That's a good idea, might be good on performance too. Although, isn't the infinite storage thing more of an exploit? I could work around that nevertheless, it'd save a lot of space, solve CO2 and give me extra crude oil and petroleum + meat. Frankly I see no reason not to go for this. Thanks!