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[Game Update] - 410429

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Kevin    2007

Hey Grifters,

Two big changes today:

  • Smith's bottle mechanic got a revamp - try it and tell us what you think!
  • Sal's brawl is a bit more streamlined. You don't get to pick jobs any more - jobs pick YOU.

Brawl modes are supposed to be fast and loose, and focused on cardplay and immediate feedback. After some internal testing, we found that the job-picking version was suffering from choice fatigue even moreso than story mode, because there was no downtime between the choices. Hopefully this addresses that. :)


  • streamlined the brawl a bit - you don't get a choice of jobs - you have to do the one that the game picks for you
  • brawl quests don't give extra rewards - you get your extras from fssh
  • Changed cards that expend empty bottles to expend them from your entire deck instead of your hand.
  • Empty Bottles no longer have replenish
  • Overall tuning of any card that spends or generates Empty Bottles
  • Reworked the following Smith cards and grafts: Reuse, Packrat, Fire Breather, Two Fisted
  • Removed the following Smith cards: Last Drop, Hoarder
  • Admiralty Patrol Leaders and Admiralty Guards have had their social boons/banes swapped.
  • Fix Ambush applying for turns after the first.
  • Fix stuck cards caused by card stealing in battle.
  • Remove the rarity-dependent resolve on Appropriated as it can cause confusion.
  • Restring Formation for clarity.  It gets re-applied at the end of the fighter's turn now so that allied Admiralty Goons don't just have permanent Formation.
  • Tooltip only the resultant relationship if a conversation option triggers more than one opinion event for an agent.
  • When attacking somebody, the opinion event now occurs before the battle instead of after.
  • Negotiating your way to save your friend is no longer classified an Intimidation.
  • Brainwash+ now restores resolve per Propaganda card in hand, instead of adding Impatience for all Propaganda cards.
  • Fix Efficient Disposal not visualization correctly when using Battle Scars or Adapt.
  • Add Expend keyword to Serial Disposal.
  • Fixed bug where Kashio's clones didn't show condition floaters correctly
  • Added negotiation support for the Rentorian 
  • Boost Spare Change bonus from 50 to 100 shills.
  • Fix Condition added/removed events potentially being rearranged, resulting in incorrect counts on the UI (ie: inside fighting followed by 2 switch blades)
  • Fix Overturn crash
  • fix trigger for end of side_jake_escort 

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RageLeague    302

Now that the jobs choose you, it's not necessary that there's a giver anymore. Most of the time you don't even know who the giver is, and all of the sudden they like you without you knowing. There are so many quests in brawl mode that the entire liked section of the relationship screen is filled with givers that you never meet at the end of a run.

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Kevin    2007

Ha! Good point. I’ll rework those jobs. 

Alright. That's checked in, and making it's way to live. 

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