[Game Update] - 410429

Release Date: 05/12/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Two big changes today:

  • Smith's bottle mechanic got a revamp - try it and tell us what you think!
  • Sal's brawl is a bit more streamlined. You don't get to pick jobs any more - jobs pick YOU.

Brawl modes are supposed to be fast and loose, and focused on cardplay and immediate feedback. After some internal testing, we found that the job-picking version was suffering from choice fatigue even moreso than story mode, because there was no downtime between the choices. Hopefully this addresses that. :)


  • streamlined the brawl a bit - you don't get a choice of jobs - you have to do the one that the game picks for you
  • brawl quests don't give extra rewards - you get your extras from fssh
  • Changed cards that expend empty bottles to expend them from your entire deck instead of your hand.
  • Empty Bottles no longer have replenish
  • Overall tuning of any card that spends or generates Empty Bottles
  • Reworked the following Smith cards and grafts: Reuse, Packrat, Fire Breather, Two Fisted
  • Removed the following Smith cards: Last Drop, Hoarder
  • Admiralty Patrol Leaders and Admiralty Guards have had their social boons/banes swapped.
  • Fix Ambush applying for turns after the first.
  • Fix stuck cards caused by card stealing in battle.
  • Remove the rarity-dependent resolve on Appropriated as it can cause confusion.
  • Restring Formation for clarity.  It gets re-applied at the end of the fighter's turn now so that allied Admiralty Goons don't just have permanent Formation.
  • Tooltip only the resultant relationship if a conversation option triggers more than one opinion event for an agent.
  • When attacking somebody, the opinion event now occurs before the battle instead of after.
  • Negotiating your way to save your friend is no longer classified an Intimidation.
  • Brainwash+ now restores resolve per Propaganda card in hand, instead of adding Impatience for all Propaganda cards.
  • Fix Efficient Disposal not visualization correctly when using Battle Scars or Adapt.
  • Add Expend keyword to Serial Disposal.
  • Fixed bug where Kashio's clones didn't show condition floaters correctly
  • Added negotiation support for the Rentorian 
  • Boost Spare Change bonus from 50 to 100 shills.
  • Fix Condition added/removed events potentially being rearranged, resulting in incorrect counts on the UI (ie: inside fighting followed by 2 switch blades)
  • Fix Overturn crash
  • fix trigger for end of side_jake_escort 

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