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Hands off Shove Vole holding pen

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I have some Shove vole eggs from the printer however I'm not into space (or regolith) and have no real use for these but want to keep them around for the occasional meat.

Since they don't overcrowd and will lay one egg before starving can I just lock them in a small room (made with appropriate materials, of course) and just collect the meat from the trio once they die?  Free meat every 40 cycles or whatever.

I've watched several videos but they all involved grooming and other maintenance.

Any insight is appreciated.

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1 hour ago, mathmanican said:

Yep. One metal tile and 4 pneumatic doors will lock them in a 1 by 1 room. Free food forever.

Thanks, but do you mean 3 doors and a metal tile?  I can't think of why I'd need a fourth.  However, I've never kept Voles so....

3 doors right.jpg

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On 5/12/2020 at 6:09 AM, Crapgame said:

Now we wait.....and pray....


vole death pit.jpg

You will know the joy of having a shove vole rampaging free through your base, eating your resources and then puking into doors, blocking passage, or onto buildings, preventing them from working :grin:

On a more serious note, once you have conveyor loaders and sweepers, you can simply have an empty tile with 4 metal/obsidian tiles blocking it vertically and horizontally. Have a conveyor loader with duplicant interaction enabled unload eggs inside the empty tile (so they do it automatically for newly found eggs). Unless you build other tiles/ladders around the empty tile, dupes will not have access to it to they will not go into a load unload loop. Just put a sweeper nearby (but not in range of the dupe interaction loader). so that it can load meat and eggshels. Since the "system" is very small, you can put it close to the kitched and load the meat directly into it.
Voilà, self maintaining wild shove vole "ranch" forever.


On 5/12/2020 at 5:10 AM, mathmanican said:

They will escape out the upper left corner. You've been warned. :encouragement:

Two tiles and 3 doors works fine too. All 8 squares must be blocked.

I am not 100% sure, but I've had the system I described for hundreds of cycles and voles don't seem to escape from a "cross shape" blackade.. May be they can escape diagonally only through doors?

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