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  1. Can we possibly get a save game? I'm a hands-on learner. When I have ONI on one monitor and then this thread in another I will finally understand what you're explaining.
  2. I think when you boil it all down all base planning decisions come down to where you leave natural tiles. You might make all sorts of upgrades or even move large parts of your base around as you progress but where you decide to leave natural tiles is the very first consideration. (Assuming of course that you aren't using some other means of creating those tiles later on.) Taking your base as an example @Sigma Cypher, the Nature reserve is perfectly placed but those natural tiles along the vertical access had to be thought out well in advance. That's the type of planning I'm talking about. (Again, making natural tiles later not withstanding.) I've been staring at a starter base for an inordinately long amount of time trying to think of all the ways I want to expand and then leaving the appropriate natural tiles where necessary.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Described in more detail in this QoL thread:
  4. Thanks for all the feedback. This is helpful. When I first started playing the game I used the DGSM mod because I needed to learn how everything worked and that meant having dupes that can do all the things. That was a useful experience but then I went cold turkey and went to strict printer results (no rerolls, no save scum) and frankly it is not quite as fun. I realize its a single player game and I can do what I want but I also wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on the game experience that the devs intended. I'm still stuck in this phase but I think I'm starting to grow out of it. I don't find it enjoyable to have to take 2000kg of sandstone because the printer gifts are so horrible. I also dislike getting into cycle 100 with only 4 dupes because I've had a 32 print run of the worst dupes ever. I have all these plans to build and do things but I can't because I can't get a decent dupe. (I don't mean holding out for super dupes, I really mean just decent and without any of the horrible negatives.) I've learned that I have to take my +7 rancher from the beginning because the pod will NEVER give me one and if it does it has multiple negative traits. (It isn't optimal in the beginning but I'll accept that handicap early to be able to get to ranching sooner.) Anyway, I've digressed away from the natural tiles issue. At this point, I'm inclined to just install the natural tiles mod. Especially, since I can just make them with the metal doors or even cook them in. I also have to learn to just dig what I need. There is no much space on the map that it is pointless to dig it out just for the sake of digging. It is arguably better to just leave it in place unless you need it. It doesn't create debris and it certainly ain't going anywhere. You can have your dupes explore out in 2 tile high tunnels to discover all of the natural features and develop those as needed. Otherwise leave it all as is and release pips into the map to go crazy planting wild crops for you.
  5. I agree that once you are out of the starting biome all bets are off because of all the factors you mentioned. However, those things don't really impact your starting base. In fact, once I'm out of the starting area I tend to plan a whole lot less since I know I can always decon and reshape things as needed. I guess what I'm primarily focused on is the very core of your base. Your great hall, bedrooms, latrines, etc.
  6. Is planning out your base and environs something that you do before hollowing out your starting biome? Recently, I've found I'm spending way too much time planning out where I want to leave natural tiles and how I'm going to fashion my parks through and around my base. Even though I'm an unknown amount of cycles away from possibly getting a pip from the printer I am weighing every dig command for when that actually happens. This is obviously my personal choice but I'm starting to think that I'm overthinking this and wasting time when I could be busy playing instead of planning. (I'm aware that you can cook natural tiles or even make them with a mod.) How much time (if any) do you spend on such planning?
  7. Thanks, but do you mean 3 doors and a metal tile? I can't think of why I'd need a fourth. However, I've never kept Voles so....
  8. I have some Shove vole eggs from the printer however I'm not into space (or regolith) and have no real use for these but want to keep them around for the occasional meat. Since they don't overcrowd and will lay one egg before starving can I just lock them in a small room (made with appropriate materials, of course) and just collect the meat from the trio once they die? Free meat every 40 cycles or whatever. I've watched several videos but they all involved grooming and other maintenance. Any insight is appreciated.
  9. I didn't think you could wrangle slicksters. I thought they required a trap.