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Suggestion: trident for more crafts?

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So now that we have trident I had a idea of using it in crafts as a resource, especially for Wurt:

1. You see, Wurt's Merm king has also a trident in his hand, but what if it would not and it would be an option to ad it, this would bring Wurt that sweat damage multiplayer which other merms get when mermking is a live! The trident would be broke in 1 season, so it will requier time to get but benefit long.

King of the Merms | Don't Starve game Wiki | Fandom

 2. The Mermfisherhous. They spawn in shipwreck and have 2 tridents on the top of house, so it would be logical to have trident as an ingredient. Again a only Wurt structure that would cost boards cut stone and fish. A fishermerm would be non hostile to all players, get out of the house at dawn and fish in the nearby ponds, they would not get out during winter. They would need to be pleased on swamp turf and near a pond, range like a flingomatic. They wold try to catch fish but will fail most of the time 1/4 possibility of getting fish and will try to catch a total of 5 times per day, then they would give up. They would't eat the fish so having them would give the player free fish time to time, but you could have only 1 fisher house per pond. If a player acts them they will get start attacking yo just as other merms. you can befriend them and give them a fishing rod, witch they will use to get a bigger chance of getting fish 1/3 (still not to big to be overpowered). The oasis lake is an exception for the ponds, you can place up to 4 fisher merms next to it and the 1/4 chance of getting fish will have an additional 1/4 to get a trinket!

Fishermerm's Hut | Don't Starve game Wiki | Fandom

P.s. This is just an idea, Klei usually doesn't flow suggestions but they do take them in mind. The usually get their own ideas and I would just love to see trident as a resource for a structure! But feel free to comment what structure would be great to use trident!

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22 minutes ago, Terra M Welch said:

Personally I think there should be an electric guitar skin for the trident.

Other then that, it's a weapon with a crafting recipe obtained from a boss, I feel like it's fine as is.


I can only see it being useful for salt gathering trips or as an emergency option when youre about to ram into seastacks....or just getting fish quickly if youre bored of fishing with a rod. :wilson_worried:

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