specialized food?

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So I checked the common suggestions, and while there is a lot about food, this idea is not mentioned there (so propably already mentioned in a thread I could not find :D ) anyway...

now that we have this great crock pot, there is a whole new world for cooking in game, so why not just make food that gives more health and satiates more, but use rare resources to make food with "special abilities"?

Maybe one could link rare resources to a bonus connected to the place you obtain it?

like eggs, coming from "rock areas" used in a special recipe giving a short boost for mining, either make it faster, or maybe let you take less swings, and so safe durability for your pickaxe?

With fishing coming, maybe some rare fish, that gives a bonus on fishing (since we do not know how it works yet, I will not suggest what kind of bonus).

Butterfly Muffins could give a bonus for harvesting speed, or grant 2 items from one source instead of just one, so you get 2 berries from one bush etc, or a runspeed buff for faster exploration, or traveling from camp to camp.

the bonus should not be too long, maybe 2/16 or 4/16?

Since the crock pot food is not stackable, you can't have too much on person at once, or in storage, so you have to think about what you craft for what reason, planning stuff ahead, like mining trips etc.

It also offers a reason for new recipes, maybe add fireflies to the list of cooking items, giving the food made out of them a glowing effect like holding a torch, while you have your hands empty. While it is a really usefull food, it is very valuable, since there are only so many fireflies on your map, and they do not respawn.

just some thought, I am sure others can come up with more great ideas for food boni, and maybe recipes for them.

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I'm somewhat reluctant towards the idea of "potions". I would prefer the idea of magic be more limited... even if there is a tab devoted to it. I would rather see more practical solutions to problems, after all, Wilson is a scientist. For mining we could always get better tools or maybe even dynamite, while speed could be improved with mounts.

Now if Stamina/Fatigue are introduced, then maybe we could brew coffee or other stimulants to help stay awake.

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well, potions imo arn't really magic per se, and we don't need to have magic potions, it can go more in an alchemistic or medical route. I mean, our Alchemy Engine pretty much looks like a distillery, so why not add unmagical potions that are brewed from herbs and minerals.

the general design of the game does go into a steam-punkish direction anyway, so maybe having a third science machine that allows brewing potions and enables you to other tiers of crafting would be a way to go. Since the main character of the game is indeed a crazy scientist, we certainly shoudl have more sciency options in the crafting anyway.

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How often do you get to say someone is pouring something into a duck?

Unless you are cooking the duck...



Yes. Potions and poisons. Would add an interesting twist to things not sure how fits into survival and the way the game works now but its an interesting thought.

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