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  1. Crock pot stacking

    I say ditch it, Kevin.
  2. Seconded. You have my opinion here. -Q
  3. Tallbird behavior tweak

    As many creatures in their peaceful state, they are territorial. IN THIS CASE, THEY WILL ATTEMPT TO SMACK YOU. RIP tallbird 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Your sacrifice was not in vain. And your eggs are tasty and full of knowledge.
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 69731 Issue title Would you like to buy the item? Steps to reproduce This is on the new build. Select an item in the crafting menu and close everything. Come back later and when you open that part of the inventory, that item will always be opened and crafting itself. Waste of supplies. Describe your issue Read the steps. It wastes your supplies.
  5. Pyromaniac vs Treebeard [The Final Battle]

    Scared.. Not really. I can't tell if the grunt, crunch and rip is coming from the game or not. Seems appropriate.
  6. Echoside Plays Don't Starve

    Nice! I like it... Sadly, no one but me has replied. Are you serious! On second thought, I shouldn't be talking. -Q
  7. Uh-oh. Dogs. Not good. At all. On second thought... maybe you could tame dogs? -We should have koalas in the game.
  8. can you kill the gobblers?

    Yes, the gobblers are killable. My friend found a ton (1:30 of fun!), but I haven't found any yet. Looting berries was never so depressing. Where is he!?
  9. Poor you. I have an unused key, if you want.
  10. Werepigs. I had to learn the hard way what the moon cycle was for.
  11. [Gameplay] Survive night without light

    Oh no. They'll have to cancel that. Heh he. -I'm the scatman! -Q
  12. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 69338 Issue title He stole my popcorn! And the movie's starting! Steps to reproduce Running around munching berries- and, uh, he stole my popcorn! Describe your issue So, I was running from my *good* pig *friends* (werepig reference) and I decided to harvest my crops. Cooked them into popcorn. And a few minutes later, while harvesting and eating berries my popcorn dissapeared, and when I pickup a morsel, I can only have one at a time. It's not like a restriction. It just... dissapears. I've been out of the loop for a while, so I haven't been chatting much. Sorry. -Q (I'm the scatman!)
  13. specialized food?

    Seconded. Add it to magic item crafting. And potions. I'm just playing Devil's advocate here.
  14. Chrome bug - Rabbits with no holes

    Frankly, it happens once in a while. This is the remainder of the spawn items in the ocean glitch that got patched. I would suggest moving the thread to bugs. -Q