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That's all I get for my hard work collecting 9 fireflies ? :(

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OKAY. :evil: Why, when I take the time to venture out for 5 nights in darkness, risking my life, to collect 9 firefly 'patches', can I not place each and every one of them in a specific place around my camp, instead of placing all "9" of them in one place??? I would've had the same effect if I had just caught one!!


Now I have no more silk (unless I go to spider island in a land far, far away) and so can't even re-catch the "9" useless firefly patch thing. And even if I did venture off to No Man's Land and crafted myself a new net, and caught back my nine fireflies, then I would STILL not be able to separate them, just as you can't separate 32 berries or flints or gold nuggets or anything unless you put one down each time so that they dont combine, etc, etc, which would be too tedious and long in the case of my fireflies :(

Can the next update help with this? Like, the fireflies can have the same effect as "plant" basically, instead of "drop"?


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