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Hey grifters,

Here's a new batch of fixes and tweaks! Remember, this update is focusing on QOL issues and general polish, so if there's something that's standing between you and enjoying the game, please let us know!

  • Fixed (a lot of) typos
  • Baffled no longer ignores composure
  • Remove associated resolved cards from the resolve_queue if the owner is deactivated.
  • Fix multi-hit attacks targetting non-player targets if the attacker has Vendetta.
  • fix progression blocker in one of the endings of baron_crime_scene.lua
  • Added missing faction ID to Rook
  • tune down the grawkit's damage a bit
  • give you an option to abandon shel when whe fights a grawkit
  • reduce the already-fighting grawkit's health a bit in the shel/grawkit event
  • Added missing boons, banes and death loot for NPC Rook, Oolo, Nadan and Frizz
  • Flash Powder now applies 2 (4) Scorched on the first attack each combat.
  • Fix potential crash when helping Shel, but Shel dies in combat.
  • Fixed crashes in "Bog Sensitive", "Inoculated", "Talisman"
  • Bottom Edge no longer interferes with other damage modifying grafts (uses AddDamage instead of ModifyDamage)
  • Cash out will not preserve its bonus if upgraded mid-negotiation.
  • Capitalize usages of Diplomacy and Hostile card types in card descriptions.

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3 hours ago, Kevin said:

Flash Powder now applies 2 (4) Scorched on the first attack each combat.


I assume this is instead of the previous effect. This is pretty weak for a graft slot, let alone an uncommon graft as this is. Scorched is a very weak debuff, outside some very narrow combos. The previous version was for sure a bit much after the upgrade, but closer to what it should be than this. EDIT: if you want a scorched graft, a better idea may be something that makes the condition stronger, like “scorched enemies take double damage from burn” or something. 


As for other suggestions... Rare grafts are too rare, IMHO, so we rarely get to play with them. I think their price is about right, but because many of them are situational and we only get the money to buy them by the end of the run, they often go un-bought. Getting a guaranteed rare graft as a reward for one or two difficult quests / opportunities / events per run would be nice. For example, Sal doing the high-risk quest on D3 or D4, or Rook beating the D2 boss, seem like places where we could be offered a choice of 3 rare grafts.

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