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hey can some one please please help me, ik that the coding's for perks go into the character lua I just don't know where it needs to be in, dose it need to be in local prefabs or local fn = function(inst) 
please help its very confusing every time I try looking this up and theres 0 videos on what to do.

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Your question leads me to believe that you are very new to this. Start with the newcomer post. You have to learn Lua and study other mods for a bit before you can start coding mods. Use the forum's search function like described in the newcomer post, and search for things like: character tutorial
There are loads of them. Even newer ones. And I have personally written several novels about perks on this forum, which include where to put things. But they wont help you much, if you don't know the language.

Oh well, might as well give a helping hand.

Here's my collection of good threads/posts with great content, either explanations or code snippets. You will also find the character templates and many other tutorials, by following the links in the newcomer post to the tutorial collections on the forum.

>> The newcomer post <<

General Stuff
Modinfo Guide
Explanation of texture XMLs, particularly for modicons
Explanation of events and event parameters (by Serpens)
Custom events
Exporting music
Split a .tex file's contents into individual .png files
Check if world has caves
Saving and loading data for a prefab
Make prefab a light source

Player Character Stuff
Extended Character Template
Extended Character Template Fixes
Character item modding, special objects or features.
Guide for character modding on Mac
Making basic perks
Custom Character Sounds
Player starting items
Making buffs (incl. movement speed, max-health increase and damage modifier)
Using the sanityaura component
Affecting sanity in a dynamic way, using a custom sanity rate function and e.g. listeners
Auras (can strictly be used for any entity in the world, not just the player. Even a rock)
Sanity gain when around another character (can easily be changed to give sanity when around any prefab you want)
Custom Sleeping Stats For A Character
Character transformation
Levelling system

Crafting and Food Stuff
Duplicating crafting recipes and making them character-specific plus other stuff
How Cookpot Recipes Work
Fun With Food (shows several different ways of changing the way food works, also character-specific changes)

Item Stuff
AoE Damage
Make it so no one else can pick up a custom item
Make an armor have 100% damage absorption against certain mobs
Creating HANDS item from scratch
[Template/Tutorial] Custom crafting tab and items

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