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Storage in vacuum & Cooling in vacuum

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A while ago, i posted a build for a storage room (see below).

It ran fine for many cycles, but eventually the loaders and sweepers caught so much heat that they broke. After many repair-jobs, i grew tired of it and tried a different approach where the storage room would be in a vacuum. Which might have the side-effect of having a positive impact on performance, because there would be less temperature calculations.


However, while the material itself might be properly isolated, the original problem is still the same. My sweepers and loaders will overheat after a given amount of time, because of their inherent heat generation.

Does anybody have a smart and convenient solution to keep these devices cooled?


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30 minutes ago, Neotuck said:

turbine loop?

For that i need atmosphere though.:/

14 minutes ago, SackMaggie said:

1. Liquid drop under sweepers, loaders and add a cooling loop.

2. Mod that transfer the heat to pipe/tiles directly without doing a liquid drop (also work in space/vacuum).


I dont quite like the liquid drop method. I think, i will opt for a hydrogen room or an oil bath instead.

Already working on a separation between filter/chute area and sweeper/loader area.

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1 hour ago, blash365 said:

For that i need atmosphere though.:/

True, you will need to fill the room with hydrogen.  

Can't cool the sweepers unless they are submerged in a gas, liquid, or buried in a solid.

So vacuum cooling is impossible unless ONI physics changes to allow buildings to exchange heat with the tiles they stand on

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If you're trying to store say hot materials over 100.   Just make a steam room and drop all ores there.  Put water into a pit. It makes steam.  I have my guys ore dump the space ores there.  And use the steam to power rockets.    Once you get liquid cooling for   oxygen and hyrogen  you can just connect some of the window tiles or tiles from that cooling room to the steam room and cool the materials sitting on the floor. 

I usually have just a door one side and ore dumper on the other side where dupes can't reach the dump tile.   Via control of the prismatic door.   They can reach thru the door to drop stuff but can't reach far enuf to the dropped spot.   This allows for infinite storage. I do this mostly for stuff that is in abundance. Storage bins other wise can store the essentials or at least enough of one type of material frequently used.  So they fill it first before filling the ore dumper. 


If you need something or run out. Just change the controls of the door for a quick moment to grab said items and put it back to infinite storage

I used to have a complicated infinite storage box with sweepers and loaders but I realized it generates heat and waste so much power not worth it.

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