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Don't Starve, According to A.I. Dungeon

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So I decided to try a Don't Starve-esque prompt with A.I. Dungeon and see where it went from there.    The parts that start with > are me, the ones that don't were added by the A.I.  Here is what I ended up with:

You wake up in the middle of a grassy field, with no idea how you got there.  Something seems not quite right about this place.  The first thing you notice is that your clothes are missing.  You look around and see that they're lying on the ground nearby, but where did they go?

Then you realize something else: you don't have any money!  You've never been so scared in all your life.

> You put your clothes back on and stand up, looking around.  This place is entirely unfamiliar, and you seem to be in the middle of the wilderness--there are no signs of civilization anywhere.

You take off your shoes and socks, then pull them on as quickly as possible.  You're still wearing the same clothes you were wearing when you woke up, so it's easy enough for you to get dressed again.

> Startled, you look around as you hear a strange squealing noise.  You turn your head just in time to catch a rabbit with horns?! scurrying back into a nearby hole.

You stare at the rabbits in front of you, which are hopping around wildly.  They aren't very big, maybe three or four inches high, but they're moving fast.  Their eyes are wide open and their mouths hang open like little black holes from their faces.

> You stagger, dizzy, as you realise the edges of reality itself around you seem to be waving and warping.  Are you going insane?

The world begins to blur and warp around you.  It feels like everything is spinning out of control, but you can't tell if that's true or not.

> You decide that maybe you're just dizzy from lack of blood sugar, so you start looking around for something to eat.

You walk over to the nearest tree and begin eating some berries that you find there.  You grab one of the smaller ones, chewing it down until you swallow it whole.  As soon as you do, a wave of nausea hits you, followed by an intense headache.

> You look around quickly for some water to help wash the berries down, and find a nearby pond.  Unfortunately there is a frog sitting next to it.  A frog with a weirdly sinister expression.

You try to sit down and rest, but the pain keeps coming.  You feel like you might pass out, but manage to keep yourself conscious long enough to make a run for it.

> "But where should I run to?" you ask yourself out loud.  "Where IS this place?"

You stumble through the forest, trying to stay alert and aware of what's happening around you.  But you're getting tired, and the nausea is making your stomach hurt worse than ever.

> Even worse, the sun is setting, and you have a feeling it wouldn't be wise to be caught out in the dark, in this place.

You continue to wander through the woods, and eventually you come across a small stream running through the trees.  There's a nice quiet spot near the edge of the wood where you can hide and wait for nightfall.

> You start gathering twigs and grass to make a fire.  As you are bending down to pick up a twig, you notice

A bright light shines directly into your face, blinding you momentarily.  Your vision goes white and then black, before returning completely normal.

> Suddenly, you hear what sounds like creepy music playing in the background!  Out here?  In the forest?

Your ears perk up immediately, and you look around.  The sound is coming from somewhere in the distance, and it seems to be coming from far away.

> It's getting dark now, so you light a makeshift torch and head towards the sound in the gathering shadows.  When you get there, you discover the music is coming from an old phonograph.  Nearby is an exhausted-looking man on a throne, who says

"I'm sorry about all this."

> You look at him blankly.  "What?  What's going on here?  Who are you?  What's with that music?"

He looks at you, his eyes full of confusion.
"I don't know anything about this," he says.
"Why would you lie to me?"
"Because I thought... well, I was hoping that we could work together..."

> "Okay..." you say slowly. "Let's try to figure out how to survive in this wilderness."

The man smiles.
"Well, yes, if you insist."


And that's how Don't Starve Together started, apparently.


Frankly I kept waiting for this thing to swerve CRAZILY off the rails, but other than having my clothes lost and yet still on me (?!) at the beginning, it stayed mostly pretty on-track.  : P  (Although...tiny rabbits with _black holes in their faces_.  WTF. That's _way_ weirder than beardlings, and I just barely got there!)

Maxwell saying "I'm sorry about all this" is pretty epic, though.


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