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Let Cat Tails Be Tradeable for Gold Via Pig King

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On 6.2.2020 at 6:16 AM, lakhnish said:

The rear ends of both Pigs and Bunnymen can be traded for gold at Pig King. 

Why not the rear-end of a Catcoon? :D

Perhaps because unlike Pig Skin or Bunny Puff, Catcoon Tails are kinda limited? 

In DS you could only get a limited amount of cat tails till they became extinct, in DST it's almost the same: You won't be able to farm more Catcoon Tails if a player comes and destroys all your Catcoon Dens. 

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38 minutes ago, lakhnish said:

Then the same could be said for Bunnymen, no?

Well yes, but actually no:

Catcoons spawn ONLY in the decidous forest, finding and smashing all of them will be easy work and they AREN'T renewable.

Bunnymen can spawn anywhere, griefers would need to scan the whole world multiple times to find and smash all the Bunnyman available in a world, and even then you can always hide a Rabbit Hutch in your Building Tab, which means: Even if you die and all the Rabbit Hutches go extinct, there's still a chance to prevent Bunnymen from going extinct.

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I think they should be tradeable as they are really worthless. Cat tails are only in two recipes, tail o' nine cats and the cat cap. There is another whip in the game, and whips are pretty useless anyway, and the cat cap is both worthless and has an alternative. So yeah why not let them be tradable.

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4 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

Ya know... I get the feeling pig king is a cannibal and secretly hates all his villagers, why else would he reward you gold for bringing him the dead remains of his OWN townspeople?


Funnily enough this is not a thing we should be making any sense of considering that:

 - his subjects are ready to eat each others' remains after a fight

 - Tallbirds immediately kill their newborns, while teens kill their parents

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