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Potential Bug but not directly game related

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I've been watching twitch streamers with drops enabled this past week for much more than six hours. Despite this, I've not received any of the drops, not the icon, the portrait or the skin itself. I'm wondering what could be the possible reasons behind this and if there exist any fixes? Thanks in advance.

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To sum it up I'd go in this order:

- First I'd check that your account is correctly linked to klei

-Second check that you are logged to twitch correctly and using the right username (if your computer is shared is not uncommon to be automatically logged in by a brother's account, or not logged at all, for example)

- Last but not least, the streamer needs to have drops enabled and be playing DST. 

If all the 3 things above are correct and you don't even get the first icon then something's wrong and you should report your ID to peter or some of the devs here to check it out.

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