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  1. When in your inventory, you can still use spools to craft gorge items.
  2. It's good, but I find there to be a bit too much emphasis on her kneeling down. Maybe have her hands closer to the tracks and have her pupils look at the tracks?
  3. 1,000 profile views, Now that's an achievement.

  4. Which developer has made it the furthest in survival? Ha. Probably @JoeW
  5. I see, now wait a minute @ScottHansen, isn't it possible to set up a single hoondius shooter to attack the tentacle? If it aggro's on it, its range is much larger than the range of spawnable small tentacles. Isn't that an easy way of killing it repeatedly?
  6. Quite the thing you have going on here Scott. Is it like your assigned job today to look at bug reports, or does every developer do so and I'm just making shadow creatures over spilt milk?


    Ha, phrases made to the Don't Starve world, that was the best one I had.

    1. ScottHansen


      We kind of all have to do it. I've been bad though and have been ignoring them lately unless v2c points me at one. (too much work to do for the ANR updates)

    2. MrFurphie


      Ah. If only programming was bug-free.

  7. Well, I'm no programmer, but it could be that the mod itself is either having conflict issues with the base game, did you have any other mods activated at the time? And when you say the game stops working, what do you mean? Screen freezes? Crashes? Also, the game developers and others could help a lot more than I could if you can post the log of the crash/game dying.
  8. For some reason, I found that killing the giant tentacle on both ends, both the entrance and exit, removes it and it never respawns? Am I seeing this right? @ScottHansen Am I having more hallucinations? Knew I shouldn't have eaten those raw green mushrooms.
  9. As far as I know, it's only accessible from a big slimy pit. Which are the giant tentacles.
  10. not necessarily, the tragic torch was loyal. Unless you mean the actual item, the method of retrieval may expire.
  11. To be fair, if it's in the files, that doesn't mean its possible to use it, lots of things in the files exist that don't work. Lots...
  12. All Imma say is, @V2C, If this ain't Adventure mode of some sort, or basically the finale between Charlie, Peoples gonna be salty n' mad. If this update does not include the finale against Charlie, can we expect maybe another set of updates in the future? Maybe @JanH?