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Repeated Crash while building near top of map?

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What exactly are you building there? I remember there ware a lot of bugs with the top rows. Maybe some of the new buildings are causing trouble. Make sure you post it in the bug report section, especially if you can reproduce the crash reliably.

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53 minutes ago, Ixenzo said:

Could it be that tempshifts affect the unbuildable row?

That would be weird since that row can still contain regolith, meaning it shouldn't be an out-of-bounds memory region for purpose of temperature calculations.

12 hours ago, caffeinated21 said:

the game is repeatedly crashing.

Do you have anything in the output log?


If the game crashes due to C# part of the code, it will almost certainly dump a stacktrace to the log. If it crashes due to native code, it might not say anything.

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