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  1. Petroleum Generator Cooling Setup

    I don’t think it’s smart to run your cooling loop through that reservoir sitting in the hot polluted water; heat will get transferred in there, forcing you to run your thermo-aquatuner more than necessary
  2. Regolith has 1/5 the specific heat of igneous rock, so you actually generate heat by melting it. By using a heat exchanger to pre-warm the incoming regolith with the outgoing rock, you greatly reduce your heat requirements. Take a look at mafic rock for your insulated tile needs; it’s better than igneous rock (but not plumbable) if you’re set on a magmaficator, check out my 40kg/s regolith melter:
  3. What do you want with large quantities of igneous rock besides feeding to hatches? And if you wanted that, regiolith is easier to melt
  4. It would be nice if we could focus more on optimizing our bases than our FPS...
  5. Minor volcano in ice biome

    Leave it covered until you’re ready to build a petroleum boiler and/or regiolith melter. Build around it.
  6. [Game Update] - 284053

    “ Oooooo!!! Here’s a challenge to bring me back to ONI
  7. [Game Update] - 272331

    I guess this means never going from outhouses to lavatories... R9MX4: how can you create infinite power with the steam turbine? Don't they take a heat source (and are limited by it's heat output?)
  8. Room overlay shows 10 critters when there are 5 hatches and one egg in the incubator. Critters showing as 'expecting' despite not being at capacity
  9. Game is repeatedly crashing after being loaded. Going back to older saves dwoesn't seem to help. Hopeful Trainwreck.sav
  10. Both liquid and gas moving in pipes are unaffected by ambient temperature, while they change the temperature of their surroundings. I have a closed loop of of -200C hydrogen that is cooling my base / water supply that has not heated up at all over 10X+ cycles. Also tried a giant heat exchanger passing 10X wheezeworts and it didn't lower the liquid temperature by 0.1 degrees.