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  1. Step one: torture all your sticker bombers...
  2. Nice! Does the double bypass bridge work any different in the Parallel (right) configuration vs. the stacked (left) config? The order of the ports changed so not sure if it is the same reliable anti-cloging
  3. @BT_20 - how much water are you seeing per launch? I’d heard ~1200kg? Absolute minimum hydrogen for a launch in 141kg, which translates to ~1259kg of water. Seems barely break even @10k. Of course you do get a bunch of oxygen for free out of the deal...
  4. Rimworld?

    Thanks for the feedback y’all!
  5. Sour gas boiler 10kg/s

    No sense starting with petrol (unless your source is molten slicksters...) otherwise you’re wasting the energy and dupe time refining it
  6. Sour gas boiler 10kg/s

    One consideration: why doesn’t the input crude oil break the pipe turning into petroleum?
  7. Rimworld?

    Thanks y’all- if it helps I enjoy ONI a lot more than factorio. Factorio sucked me in, but by the time I got to logistic bots I lost interest
  8. Curious if anyone here plays Rimworld? Just bought a copy and my impression is that there’s a lot of complexity but not necessarily a lot of depth. Curious what the ONI-verse thinks...
  9. Only for flights to the 10km planet (a caveat I noted)
  10. @Craigjw - I believe you that it works; it’s just strange. In other contexts when a tile is over it’s normal ‘max pressure’ it would flow upwards. Why that doesn’t happen here is unclear...
  11. H2 obviously has use for the long range missions, but Petrol is more water efficient all the way to its max range (110k for cargo)
  12. Been working on trying to see how many rockets I can run in parallel. Original plan was to go exclusively hydrogen, utilizing the excess water generated from the oil-well->petrol boiler ->petrol gen cycle on top of my geysers. However, if you assume that, late game: 1. Oxygen is generally produced to excess (I think I can support 100+ dupes on top of LOX production; which I don’t think my CPU can support) 2. power is essentially infinite then it follows that you’re better off directly fueling petrol rockets than converting it to water for hydrogen rockets, by a lot: 2kg/s petrol -> 0.75kg/s water -> 84g/s hydrogen. Therefor, assuming access to Sufficient petrol boilers: 1. You should tap all your oil wells 2. You should only burn as much petrol as is necessary to generate water sustain other water needs. 3. hydrogen rockets are best left to the long distance destinations only they can reach* *or the shortest destinations with 100% steam capture
  13. Exosuit shortcuts

    They really should make it so dupes can’t eat, shower, or piss while wearing the suit...
  14. So why not share that mechanic instead of just being an a**hole?
  15. I don’t see how OP’s screenshots answer the question either...