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Gift timer

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12 minutes ago, IronLobster said:

Does anyone know how much time does the game delivers a gift? I play for hours and just get 1 gift. If I recall correctly, you can get up to 16 gifts a week but man I don't have an entire free week to get all of em

You get actually 15 gifts per week;

You get 7 Daily gifts which you open right in the main menu and 8 In-game skins which are open-able by after some time near a science station.

In-game skin drops reset each Thursday-Friday (Depending on your timezone)

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For me it’s always been like- gift 1 at 15-30 minutes, Gift 2 at an 1hr-1:30, Gift 3 at 3-4 hours, Gift 4 at 5-6 hours, Gift 5 at 7-8 hours, Gift 6 at a total of 10 hours.

If you do not seem to be getting your gifts in a timely fashion do like I do and either rollback your server a few times, OR start brand new worlds (the latter is probably easier) 

In addition to time survived, you can also earn 1 gift per day for logging into the game past 3:30PM 

Loot Drops cap at 15 total per week but are Reset Thursday Nights around 6pm.

During events like the current Winters Feast, you can earn chests containing 4 WF themed Cosmetics, Chests count as only 1 gift instead of 4.

So think of it like Christmas being your absolute BEST chances at getting some good stuff.

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