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  1. Yet, the pig king is pre-determined to always spawn in the mosaic biome, or dfly will always spawn in the desert, and even then they're all optional stuff. Dfly is not obligatory to progess, nor is the pig king and they're pre-determined to spawn in a very specific biome, same with bee queen. Even with pearl, the sandbox aspect is still in game when her island can spawn anywhere in the ocean. Yes, a sandbox is meant to do whatever you want, but a sense of progress (Like pearl quest line) is absolutely pivotal for late-game replayability. Before ROT mind you, you need to follow said X, Y Z steps in order to fight fuelweaver: Find 8 fossil fragments, fix the marble sculptures and then build their chess figures, then fight the shadow creatures in new moon to get the atrium, then go to the ruins and kill the ancient guardian, then find the atrium and socket the key, etc etc. All of this requires progress, decent gear, and time. It'd be lame if you could just go and fight the fuelweaver without doing any of these steps. With this update you need to follow, again, a series of steps in order to get to the moon storm event, which is late game, and even then ALL of this is optional. You can refuse to fight all giants, fuelweaver, explore the sea, interact with the pig king, hell, you can completely eliminate almost any threat in the world generation menu.
  2. With the season finale of ROT, we've been able to see quite a lot of changes in the constant. The one that really caught my attention was Pearl, since it's the first NPC in the game that has a series of quests which are rewarded by... arguably dull stuff for a lot of people. I was not fond of the idea at the beginning but now I think I'd like more of them in the future, perhaps with more challenging and/or fun tasks and more valuable rewards. I was thinking about Mumsy and Billy, imagine them as NPCs in a future where we could trade for some ingredients and other food related items, maybe with it a different cooking system? I personally find the addition of NPCs in the game as a big step, so long as it's not overdone and is actually worth it.
  3. So uh, I've been wanting to buy the big pile of spools with Klei points but it seems it's either not available yet or I need more points. Can anyone confirm if it's not implemented yet?
  4. I know a lot of people are not too keen on this idea, but I would adore if cooking changed into gorge style. Having three cooking stations, more ingredients and more demanding recipes would be really good IMO, no more 1 monster meat 3 ice and whatnot. I think that would make the aspect of not starving a little bit more interesting.
  5. This. Most of my unpleasant experiences have been with megabasers on pubs simply because they think they're the owners of the server, they antagonize every single new player that joins and kick whoever disagrees with their way of playing.
  6. I don't know if anyone else have found random cooked food on the floor? In my solo world I happened to find some cooked wobsters in the middle of land, as well as berries, tall bird eggs, etc etc. It seems to always spawn at the same spot, but it's just odd and actually helpful at times to just find a bunch of cooked food on the floor. Seems like a funny bug to me :P
  7. One tip I recommend is to not be paranoid and see every single new player as a threat, this goes especially for new players so they don't feel like trash the moment they join a server. Funny story: Joined a Klei official, it's day 1000+, so these two lads that survived for over 200 days start seeing any newcomer as griefers, a random Maxwell which was quite possibly a new player was just... walking and the moment they left the two lads were like "Omg thank god I was so scared he was so suspicious" Don't antagonize people the moment they join for no reason. Btw, I got kicked because I called them paranoid even though they literally checked people's profiles to see if they have enough hours to not be suspicious. Feelsbadman
  8. As the tile says, I'm completely unable to join Klei official servers for some reason. Sometimes I can actually join and play for a little bit, but, for instance, when we rolled back I got disconnected and was unable to join again. I just get the disconnected message and for some reason servers are now multiplying. By the way, I turned all mods off just in case and i'm still unable to join.
  9. So I recently just entered two new islands on my world and on one of them I decided to quit for the day. When I tried to join back later the game would just crash. I tried disabling mods and what not, but it still crashes. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I saved and quit in a different island other than the original? (Btw, I used the "report bug" button in-game but I don't know how that works and I couldn't find my bug report in this page so sorry if I repeated the same report)