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Hey Grifters!

We're busy working out our production schedule for 2020. In the meantime, here are the fixes that accumulated over the past week or so. If all goes well with this build, you won't hear from me again until the new year! :)

  • Clarify descriptive text on Bank
  • Don't show end turn button if the enemy has surrendered and the battle is NO_SURRENDER.
  • Add mech quips for support negotiation.
  • Align stack label for permanent AND core arguments.
  • Don't trigger Ricochet via Riposte, as per its descriptive text.
  • Fix Dark Cowl only giving 1 combo.
  • Blacklist: don't gain damage if the name was already taken.
  • Revolting Flead can attack arguments with Bait.
  • Align stack label for permanent arguments.
  • Change all the random names that were being used by specific skins.
  • Restring card 'charges' to 'uses' to avoid conflicting with Rook's mechanic.
  • Unstable drones have a health bar.  They can be destroyed either through depleting health, or by reducing the Unstable Drone condition to 0.  Mainly this addresses the issue of being able to Defend them, but no place in the UI to show the value.
  • Fix Overcharge not being added in the UI when Striker threshold is triggered.
  • Rename spin so it doesn't conflict with rooks' negotiation spin.
  • Assign target_enemy to Strategy only when triggered, to avoid showing an incorrect damage preview.
  • Added surrender anims for rook and sal and added shake it off anim for rook
  • Clarify text on Revolting Flead argument.
  • Don't show "Graft Removed" when exchanging Coins.  Show a specialized "Gained coin" notification instead.
  • Clarify Ripper descriptive text.
  • Change Twisted Headbang to Boosted Headbang, so there is a viable upgrade option for head-based Influence builds.
  • Adding Grifter and Rentorian factions. Showing NPC Sal on the compendium. Updating the faction filtering. Updated portraits
  • Centering the selected characters better on the new game screen
  • Fix Suppressing Fire card text formatting if the player has a defense modifier (eg. exposed)
  • Preventing the objectives to fade out when the mouse moves to their screen quadrant in the travel screen. Now they just fade out when hovering/focusing on a map marker in that quadrant
  • Hide end turn/run/concede buttons when choosing cards.
  • Wait for card coros to complete before updating position.  Specifically this is for Expend cards that are being trashed, but are also being re-played due to something like Duplicity or Double Duty.  After being trashed, a new instance of the card will automatically be used for viz purposes.

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