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Crafting tabs in creative mode

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Note: this is only for creative mode, this proposed change doesn't affect the normal game whatsoever.

You know how DST has a lot of crafting stations that don't let you prototype whatever you can craft on them?
Each one of those provides its own unique crafting tab. Except for year of the gobbler/varg/pig shrines, as they all give access to the same tab, but different craftables. Also sculptures and mad science tabs don't even work if you aren't standing next to those stations anyway, because one needs a sculpture material and the other pops an item out of the station itself.
And having so many tabs leads to a cluttered mess that is difficult to scroll through whenever you use creative mode (c_freecrafting() or ThePlayer.components.builder:GiveAllRecipes())
image.png.c072d922c713230c81793b24c748f6df.png<-- all of those tabs are in the same spot.

My suggestion is to have a single crafting tab that contains all of those tabs in one. Exactly like in singleplayer DS, whenever you go into creative mode or use a brain of thought in a world with all DLCs compatibility.
It's nothing major, it's just a minor inconvenience and it doesn't even affect the normal gameplay experience in any way. It would simply make testing new things easier.

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In the mean time you can use a scroll wheel to go to the hidden tabs, or check out my mod here to make them all display non-stacked:

But yeah, a multi-layered crafting menu would be really nice for these ones.  It just wouldn't make too much sense in the real game since you can have at most at any given time one crafting table active.

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