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Infinite Bathbomb and Lune Tree Blossom

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Hi everyone, today I wanted to share a little abuse I was thinking about earlier and I've recently tested it and found that it was working well.

It will allow you to keep fresh Lune Tree Blossoms and Bath Bombs without using Bundles Wraps or any kind of storage, all you need is this buddy : orangeamulet.png.3fcfd51a900e4852f9dc0390952ffa2c.png


So, I hope you still have the two following things on your worlds and that you'll enjoy using it (and if it get patched I'm fine with it) :


0.jpg.c28712a6d9699c5f92146ad4fe6747a7.jpg< The first one is the Bath Bomb on this Moon Island set-piece

0.png.66019dbfd0e39a9c0e3601948b08c149.png< And the second is any Blossom that have spawned from the worldgen


These two items have a nice property, they wont start spoiling as long you don't pick them up. This is especially useful for items on the Moon Island since players are not supposed to reach it early and get Rot instead if their freshness was decreasing with time.

With that in mind, you can keep these items for eternity if they stay on the floor this way.

But outside of this specific feature, they share the same behaviour than the Blossoms you gather on trees, or Bath Bombs you craft... Which mean they are stackable :

bathbomb.png.7a9dec16a3c2cf9e5caf508e7b9cd4c2.png x 20

lunetreeblossom.png.7e1d5d9f8896bec17da4044ca7468dba.png  x 40

Then you can simply combine the items from  your inventory on the one that can't spoil on the floor :

0screen.png.5d80ad96988890fa526f5b3c0f662e95.png And now you have 40 Blossoms / 20 Bath Bombs that will stay fresh for ever !

Of course... you can pick them back like I've said on top by using the Lazy Forager :

This amulet only pick items 1 by 1, so you just have to stop when the stack is low. I suggest you to stop at 3 or 2 if you have some lags, it can mess up and gather the last item and then destroy one of your few worldgen Blossoms, or worse, your only worldgen Bath Bomb !


Now the most important question : Can you move these items ? "Not exactly"

You have to let it on the floor or the spoiling rate will return and yet, the only methods to move an item on the ground in the direction you want at the surface are very, very, very inefficient :


The "best one" is only valid during Winter Feast and place the Deerclops on the Moon Island, the Deerclops's Laser can make item bounce and slightly move

The other one is valid during summer by using Antlion Sinkhole when they're raising to make the item bounce, don't even think about it.


Now you know everything about this ! Is it worth to use ? I guess it is, it's saving you some ropes from bundles if you have a nice spot with lot of Blossoms next to each other (I have 5 pretty close on my current game so I'm using it with my tree farm there) and the set-piece always spawn where the other Hot Springs are. This also increase your usage of the Lazy Forager so it's a good way to use your Orange Gems.

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18 minutes ago, Rinkusan said:

Are there other rottable items in the game that have this no-spoilage-until-you-pick-up mechanic?

It doesn't seems, but since this has been quite useful for the Moon Island, I believe some more will come for future updates for additional island or other stuff players can't find early.

6 minutes ago, Superwolfkid said:

I'm pretty sure ice works as well for non spoiling! I've seen ice on my lunar island many seasons after winter, including in the summer.

I guess this is just the ice looted by the Moonrock Pengulls, maybe their death is paused when this part of the map is not properly loaded, but yeah I've noticed this as well :)

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