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Blueprints web app concept

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Ever since I first saw this game from Worth a buys youtube channel, (highly recommended) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4HvlNpPa0w when it was back in beta and started playing it, i've always had a blueprint website concept in the back of my mind.

https://blueprints-not-included.com/ Kind of got there before me so I didn't really bother, although its not quite what I had in mind and it didn't/doesn't look like many people know or use it.

And someone was thinking about making another standard screenshot centric blueprints website the other day, it got me thinking again, whether what I wanted to do was feasable / worth my time.

So this is like a zero hour proof of concept website blueprint builder, to see If there is enough demand for this, Obviously lots and lots of bells and whistles would go ontop of this, such as specific layers just like in the game.



I've seen people use excel / math books the lot to actually design stuff outside of the game, so I know at least some people would be interested in this, just trying to gauge how many.

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