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  1. The toilet and hand sanitizers problem wasnt that they were 2 wide, its that they are 3 tall. And if that toilet has to be wall mounted thats just gonna complicate layouts even more.
  2. The more lategame the more useless they become. Theres even a Pondering % that you can see when you hover over the working bar on the stats dropdown. Which is them basically stopping dead right next to 1-10-100 tasks and standing there for 10 seconds. out of the 30-40% work I get out of dupes each cycle a third of that is pondering, which is always at the top and 3-4x as much as the second highest. Double the dupes half the work.
  3. I actually mis spoke there, the crude oil/petroleum water lock doesn't get affected by radiation germs therefore radiation germs cant get past the lock to dissapate even if there are gases on the other side, so you don't actually need a vacuum lock, just a water lock, I assumed I would need one when I first was building it. But the single tile water lock wasnt letting radiation past even when there was a good amount of gasses the other side. And as the radioactive gasses cant get past the locks you dont lose that tile of radioactive gas though its movements, which is why 3 tiles wide is the best, if its 4 tiles wide the 4th wide would get less radiation, and then that lesser rad tiles of gas would move throughout the room resulting in potentially less rads on the plant on harvest (see pic).
  4. A few caveats Destroyed plants drop seeds seemingly 100% (good if you dont have a decent farming dupe, and also good for a bit less micro, bad because each run costs you original plant seeds, so if you dont have that many, well try the harvest method) Plants only care about radiation levels at the exact moment of harvest, which makes sense at a design level rather than having some subsystem running for every single plant over its life cycle to draw an average amount of rads. So knowing these facts here is the mutant seedolyzer, each rocket is sent one tile out and auto return, so besides putting rads into it to be able to first launch, it never uses radbolts again. Radbolt rockets produce 3 tiles wide, and 7 tiles deep radiation from the bottom center of the rocket platform when they launch and when they land, with a gas in the middle and with a vacuum lock to prevent radiation spreading you can concentrate an immense amount of radiation in those 3x7 tiles, using gold metal tiles as they lose rads slower than other materials. So plant whichever plants you wish in that 3 tile wide room, turn off auto harvest, supply it with all its usual needs, and when the plant is ready for harvest, launch the rocket (sleet wheat takes 2 quick launches to force the destroy plants auto harvest as the room is much colder to begin with, the pincha pepper takes 1, however the pincha pepper takes quite a while to cool back down as its farm tiles are on the ceiling so making and destroying some temp shift plates between resets is advised. A single lanuch is easily 900-1200 rads so you are hitting the cap for every plant to get that 80% chance of a mutant seed, and with the guaranteed seed drop chance on a plant getting destroyed (if you dont have a decent capped farmer) you are usually getting 2-3 mutated seeds per harvest. If you don't want to destroy the plants, put temp shift plates in the room, and after the rocket has come back down, get your dupe to harvest right away. Thermo aquatuners are to reset the rooms to the desired temps after harvest. Can also be turned into a super (free) radbolt creator using the 1 tile high liquid lock (see last pic) so when youre done getting mutant seeds you can place a bunch of rad generators there to rapidly refill your duo radbolt rockets. Heres how to extract radbolts
  5. Several frustrating save reloads later, i remove the useless rover module, chuck in an orbital drop module with some igneous and gold fly to orbit, drop the orbital drops, launch the trailblazer module, and then proceed to have about as much unfun as you can possibly have in this game, forcing my sunburned stressed out dupe to work for a day opening the slowest possible 200kg (LOL) cannisters spread out over the full surface so she can build the rocket platform and a ladder system before she runs out of air. Thats not fun, not even remotely. The orbital drop just needs to be one cannister, when you make the proper method this unfun its no wonder people just cheese with demoing two trailblazer landers.
  6. The insulation tiles "should" hold up against temp bleed on the food no problem, what with new colder food getting added, but yeah I was scratching my head for a bit when I had a normal tile there originally.
  7. Stacked food takes longer to cool due to added mass, thus you could be in a situation where constant new food prevents you from cooling fast enough to avoid spoilage, plus introducing all your dupes to that sweet sweet radiation every cycle unnecessarily. But besides that yeah I guess. I also don't like giving my dupes soggy feet / sopping wet debuffs via double water locks.
  8. Easy to build freezer for sterile vaccum atmosphere and deep freeze buff, so no constant heat transfer. I say late game, because it requires Conveyor Rail Thermo Sensor (T6 so you need orbital and rad research tech) Its much easier to get quicker on base game. But its still easy enough to get sub 200 Cycles. (ignore the stale/fresh in the pics, just moved all food from a fridge). Food gets dumped in Freezer, put on conveyor rail until chilled to -20, then dropped into dupe accessible water vaccum lock. The power upkeep is probably very minimal, once freezer is chilled (HVAC thermo sensor is set to -24)
  9. You wouldn't even need scheduling per se, unless you are going for something particular, like my 6 dupes per dock to exit the base. Think of like a Haz zone where youve got down a few docks, if you can put a sweeper there with some spare suits, suddenly a few more of your dupes could access the haz zone while the first set of dupes are still there, so you could have more than 3 dupes in a spot that only has 3 docks. instead of just having to spam docks everywhere. Or those 3 dupes come back and the next three dupes arent waiting for those 3 suits to charge.
  10. Not really much more else to say I've listed the pros over 3 pages and not one person has given an actual legitimate con Pros QoL Suits dont go missing from circulation ever, requiring manual input (the player pressing deliver suit, every time) This might have been fine when there was only a few buildings in the game but not now. All Access on checkpoints suddenly becomes viable and not useless Actual build options and new things to do become possible (Automated suit docking/ repair / tidying, scheduling etc) Bedroom checkpoints will now work again and be viable, and not broken by the new repair mechanic It doesn't change the balance of the game in any way, suits still take the same resources and time to fill (electricity/O2/75 seconds), you save 100kg refined metal per dock sure, but that can easily be offset with automation costs + extra suits Everything needed to do it is already in the game, Infinite errand buttons and tasks, copy/paste settings buttons, the fact that the intended outcome can be done manually already (by staring at a dock and clicking deliver suit when it gets taken) Its an option, not a forced state, you can still just choose to click deliver suit button and completely ignore the infinite button next to it. But please someone enlighten me why this will suddenly break the game/gameplay
  11. Which makes All Access in its current form pointless, if you only use it when it does the exact same thing that Vacancy only does, your base would do the exact same thing with a single checkpoint with vacancy. No need to upload. Auto deliver would mean those suits got picked up and placed back in a dock without your intervention (besides turning on infinite auto deliver). Thus making all access not pointless and more options viable with docks.
  12. All Access and Vacancy, both only affect suited dupes as well. Non suited dupes can enter the checkpoint in both modes, so its not like it was made for that purpose either.
  13. Its literally pointless having all access in that situation, because its exactly the same as vacancy. The only dupes that can enter are the ones that have left, If you had two checkpoints there both leading to space, with all access, you would have one checkpoint and a bunch of suits laying at said checkpoint with the other one suitless at some point. Klei didnt make another option to only be used when it functions exactly the same as Vacancy.
  14. Just have the copy settings thing, like bins do then i guess? copy one dock setting then drag over the rest. The main thing is! your exact wish can be done via an infinite deliver button, without you needing to manually interact with docks, or checkpoints, except the first time setting up.
  15. Again It would be a toggle on the individual dock, so one could have it on and another next to it off etc. Your button doesn't need to exist if you have an infinite resupply, so no manual work required for you to press a button. All you would need is 2x the suits of the number of docks you have, half would be on the docks, half would be in a bin near, with sweepers, if all your suits get taken out at once, the sweepers place new suits in all the docks to charge, same thing if only some of the suits get taken out, and if something happens suits are there to be used, (if you had to press a button, you would need to wait the time to take suits out and place them + the 75 seconds it takes to fill) Automatic vs manual. And when your dupes come back they drop the suits on the ground as there arent docks available. You have a sweeper pick up the suits and place them in the bin ready to be used again, meanwhile you have a line up of filling or filled suits ready to go again.