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Time it takes to get wools

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I was wondering how much time I could expect to get enough wools to weave new characters so I did a bit of maths to find out and decided, eh, why not share?


So you can get up to 15 curios a week (7 for logging in, 8 as random timed drop, you can farm them on servers dedicated on afk farming).
But then how much do you actually gain from them?

You can get 5 from a common, 15 from a classy, 50 from a spiffy, 150 from a distinguished, and 450 from an elegant (note that since I do not own any elegant curio, I had to guess it was, as all other curios, 1/3 of their price you'd get from unweaving)

So considering the chances of getting each class, a simple calcul:

(5X52.7 + 15X26 + 50X13 + 150X6 + 450X2.3)/100 = 32.385. This is how much you can weave per curio received on average.
Now, let's do ((32.385 X 15) X 52) / 12 = 2105 (I know, useless parenthesis just for clarity). Because months don't actually last 4 weeks.


So, if you make sure to get EVERY curio you can get, and weave them all, you can obtain on average 2105 wools per month, so basically a character in a month and a week.

It actually goes pretty fast and you don't even need to do that much of farming. For anyone wondering if they should spend money for characters, there's no need to. (unless you do it to support klei of course)

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It’s a little more than just the character that you actually buy though.. you also get several sets of skins for said character that would still remain locked if you choose to just weave the new character.

But.. also I like to think that anytime someone buys these bundles they help support Klei to keep adding more content for us to enjoy in free updates.

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