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Question on Potion Making Stand

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I didn’t get to do much during the Hallowed Nights event last year, so I’m wondering if the Potion Making Stand will carry over and be usable after the event? Assuming we have it built in our world. It’s awesome being able to use. 


Honestly, when Wilson gets his rework, I REALLY want to see him getting a Potion set like it, or a portable version. 

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17 minutes ago, -Variant said:

You can't craft them year round, but you can use them year round.

Once the event ends you can't make new ones, but you can use ones that you've had before it ended.

This isn't 100% correct. It's true that you can't normally craft event items year round, you wouldn't be able to make a new world and build a festive tree planter right now for example, however...
As of Hallowed Nights 2018, recipes learned during events will be permanently craftable in that world. You can see here that the tree planter and pig shrine are both available to craft outside of their event, because I learned them whenever their respective events were active. You can tell that this started during Hallowed Nights 2018, because the varg shrine isn't available to craft despite me playing a ton during that event and building ~6 in my world.

Some items won't function (you won't get gifts from sleeping under a winter's feast tree outside of the holiday season, you won't get any clay vargs even with a lit varg shrine, the pig king mini game doesn't function still, etc), but all of the crafting stations work just as they did during the event, so you can keep making potions year-round for one easy investment of 2 doodads 2 cut stone!

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