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Hey Grifters,

 We fixed some bugs! Thanks for the reports - they really help us find issues and prioritize them.

  • Show keyword info for Piercing on damage preview widgets.
  • Pale Recall creates a visible argument now.
  • Fix soft lock when backing out of forced card pick by clicking on bad button.
  • Fix crash deactivating a fighter behaviour _during_ activation (eg. OnActivateFighter triggers a bane graft which reduces morale, causing the fighter to immediately flee).
  • Adding an easy toggle to the unlocks track with mouse right click.
  • Show active quest list on map.
  • Gain smarts in visionary facts.
  • Negotiation fatigued kicks in at 7 turns, not 6.
  • Fix oshnu glue rarity (was causing it to be 999 shills in stores).
  • Static Shock can no longer discard your executes.
  • Added a WARPING keyword for the Warp Vial.
  • oppo_look_for_missing_pet.lua now heals your missing pet by 50%. This is to avoid the pet fleeing after the first hit in combat.

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