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*The Queen's Trader Requiem*

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 I really don't know how to close the old topic lol,so I'm just gonna post the idea first so people can discuss about it and then I'll close the old topic.

Ok hear me out,this is a topic that I don’t see many people talking about but I swear it’s going to be at least a nice way to spend your time and attention.

If you happen to have any questions while reading this,you can go to the Q&A section of the text,it’s the last topic,just click in the “spoiler” message and you will see it.

Context : I’m not a hardcore player or even a pillar of the community like James Bucket,BloodRaven,Freddo Films,Joeshmocoolstuff etc. But one thing that I’ve been thinking about a lot and it’s been bothering me is the fact that at some point in your world,depending on your way of playing the game and the amount of hours invested in,you would have toons and toons of certain material and not as much as others,in my case, I have lots of hound tooth’s and stones that I literally have no use for other than making puffy vests and sculptures. And in my 1800+ hours of playing the game one thing that I notice is that we don’t have any other major tradable NPC other than Pig King,so I came up with an ideia...

*The Queen’s Trader *
The Queen’s trader is another NPC that can trade many types of itens,including food,weapons, recourses,armor,blueprints and even informations. I thought about it as a way of getting rid off all the stockpile of items you have by trading them in exchange to other itens that you might need more. And also helping you with your journey depending on the quests and trades that it would give you.

To keep my ideas in order I’ll put them in topics so people can read them as they like and not get lost in texts and images. The first one will be the history behind the trader.

  • History

It all begins with the Queen wanting to know about her old fiancé,the father of Wilba (I suppose),the king that leaved Hamlet to have a quiet life in the constant with some of his subordinates. First the Queen would sent a spy into the Constant to keep his eyes at the king(the spy would be similar to the robber in Ds Hamlet),but when the spy’s ship got close to the Constant’s sea,it went trough a terrible storm that broke it and resulted in the spy stuck on the island with no way to return,however with the help of the survivors the spy managed to get back to the kingdom and in return the Queen send a “spokespig” to thank the survivors for the help by giving them a chance to cooperate with the Queen and try to fight against the wilderness of the Island.

  • The Trade Sistem

The trades are quite simple,if you’ve played “This War of Mine” and know some “itens tier list” this will be a piece of cake,each item that can be offered as a trade have a value,with some having a value bigger than others,here’s a list that I made to exemplify the value of certain items based on his stats or rarity :


The trader also would give you certain “bonus tasks” with a little history behind like “A rough dry season has destroyed many of your farms,the Queen demands some spices” or “The criminality has increased in the last few months in the kingdom,the Queen demands some armory”.
These tasks when completed would give you a reward after the trader returned to Hamlet (Here's a picture of how would it be the reward screen) :


The trip which the trader would take to go to the Kingdom to the constant would take 20 days,so you can only interact with him 2 times per-year,the first time that the spy will appear will be in the second autumn,so the earliest that you can interact with the trader would be in the second spring of the world. This is good because the player would not have as many items as the trader want in the first year or two,thus making the trader a “medium to high level mechanic”.

This is how the trade system would look like,also,there are some items that the trader can consider useless and will not take to the Hamlet,but these are just per-trip and randomly chosen.


The main menu :


The inventory menu :



  • The new exclusive items that would come with the trader would be :


The Lunar Amulet
“Expensive but worth it !”
1 amethyst 
4 moon shards 
5 nightmare fuel 
This amulet would give you the ability to be sane all the time while wearing it,just like a inverted nightmare amulet,while wearing it the players sanity would be fully restored but when taking it away it will return to the original amount.

“This ! Is a bucket...”
4 logs
1 rope 
This item would give you the ability to take water from a pond and fill balloons with it or you could shower your crops to make them grown faster.

The Phonograph
“I think it’s speaking to me”
4 gears 
4 gold 
1 Board 
This structure would play any music that has been placed on  the DST folders,or if there’s no music folder,it would play the vanilla theme of DS.

“Powerful spells in an ancient language !”
There non-craftable items are full with dark,lunar or ancient magic,after reading one of them the player would be given a random buff like increased movement,higher damaged etc. but when the buff runs out you will be punish with the contrary effect (lower movement or less damage in this case) unless wearing a certain amulet.

The (in)cursed Amulet
“This world only remembers the inverted results”
Another non-craftable item,but this one servers as a counter play for the last one,every time you get a buff with this amulet it would transform it in the opposite debuff (meaning that if you eat an ice cream while wearing it your temperature would increase instead of lower down),and if you get a debuff it would make it a buff too.

Steel Plate
“A refined protection for my body”
Another item that you can only buy,but this one is worth it because of the high durability and damage reduction,it would be an armor good enough to be  between the the Log and Marble suit but with no downsides.

“I must protect life at all costs !!”
40 health 
8 rots
1 pleghen
This item would have a radius of effect similar to a flingomatic,and all the planted grass,Berries,twigs and other materials would not get diseases for at least 40 days.

Goop trap
“Ha !! You’re stuck !!”
2 Glommer’s goop
2 logs 
1 pleghen

This trap has te ability to stunlock enemies for a short period of time,it has more durability than a normal trap but doesn’t give as much damage.

Boat armor
“Protected by something that would make it sink ?”
2 logs 
5 steel 
5 ropes 
Last but not least,the boat armor,an item that gives your boat 150+ resistance and doesn’t  slow it down,however,after the durability of the boat get lower than his normal “life” points, the armor will break and you’ll need another.

All the blueprints for these itens would be purchasable after you trade them at least 5 times.


  • Info Tab

About the info tab,these are instructions,locations and precious informations (Duh) about the world in general,these would spawn chests in random locations (kinda like the hat from Woodlegs),show certain mobs like Beefalos,Koalefants,Vargs and Ewecus in your map,spawn random skeletons with loot and even show the locations of all salt formations and kelps in the world.Each trip the trader makes would give you 5 informations (if you can buy them).

  • Q&A section 

Why you’re making this post ?

I like the ideia of having a trader in the game,hamlet was a fantastic DLC with lots of new things to learn and I think DST can have some of that.

Do you really think Klei will add something relate to you ideia in the future ?

In all honesty,no,Klei probably already have a schedule to follow and ideias that were thought even before the new updates came out,sooooo... yeah I don’t think this is gonna be in the game at least for the next 3 years or so.

What did you use to make the montages and lists ?

I used my iPhone and Ms paint ( yeah,real basic stuff I know)

What DST needs the most right now ?

Ingame lore,like the adventure 
mode in the vanilla DS.

Can I kill the trader and take his loot ? 

No,you can’t.

Do you have any other ideia for a trader ?

I had an idea once about an ancient one,that survived the darkness by trapping itself in a gem and now after many many years released itself and is trying to rebuilt his/her home with the help of the survivors,I didn’t think anything more about it since...

How would the trader sell fresh food ?

The food would be wrapped up in a paper similar to bundling wrap,but it would not drop anything when opened (preventing players to have excessive amounts of wraps).

Would the trader be able to buy especial itens like Wes’s balloons or Lucy ?


How can I buy informations ?

They can be traded by any itens that have a medium value and share a similar design to a Sketch.

Confusion ? 

Will be my epitaph.

                          If you have any questions feel free to ask them and post your opinions about the topic of trading in DST : ) .

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