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Id like to say first the critter system is fine the way it is,however that doesn't mean its as good as it could be.
With the lunar moth added,we got our first critter to have a physical interaction with the world/player in a meaningful way.
Klei has said that critters would not have game changing effects,yet here we are. is this bad? no of course not its a survival game.

Id would like to see critters give the players microbuffs,these buffs are hardly meaningful to ensure players will not be required to obtain a critter if they wish to do so.

all these effects will only be present if the pet is not hungry
Microbuffs are also a world option,meaning players have a choice to turn the microbuffs on or off
skins do not effect mircobuffs in anyway

grants the owner a 10 insulation factor from wetness

grants owner a 1% damage dealt increase

grants owner 20 insulation factor from overheating

grants owner 20 insulation factor from freezing

grants the owner +0.225/min sanity effect (this is not a aura like glommer,this is to prevent stacking glomgloms)

grants owner a 1% increase in movement speed

Lunar moth unchanged

New critters

10 fur tuft 1 honey nuggets
is small bearger cub
favfood is honey
might shed one fur tuft at random regardless if kept happy
grants owner a 0.6% slower starvation rate

1 bunny 2 carrot
its a bunny
favfood is carrot
grants owner a 1% increase of hunger from all foods

1 moleworm,3 gold nuggets
a babymoleworm
favfood is flint
will dig up 1 flint or rock if kept happy
grants owner a effect that makes lightsources last 1% longer

2 jet feathers,1 morsel
baby buzzard
favfood is morsel
will fly around players head when petted
grants owner a 1% increased map discover range

1 banana 4 poop
baby splumonkey
favfood is banana
will also throw poop at times if kept unhappy
grants the owner a 1% increased spoil rate for all food in owners inventory

1 cookiecutter shell,3 salt crystals
favfood is salt crystals
a baby cookiecutter,it will crawl on the ground and when on a boat it will swim aside the raft sometimes jump in ponds nearby
will be more jittery if the player is wearing a cookie cutter hat
grants the owner a effect to take 1% less damage

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