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Please give us a semi-convenient way to heal pets. Right now the only way to heal them is to hope we can go to the chemist, buy a salve / healing vapours (very expensive!), and hope we draw them in battle before they die.

Also, let us leave our pets in our room if we don't want to take them with us. We can pick them up later, or they will rejoin at the beginning of the next day.


Some ideas for grafts:

Chained leash (common): pets don't flee when panicking. They heal an extra 20% of their max health when they rally.

Sympathetic reflexes (uncommon): whenever you gain defense, your pets gain half as much.


Also, add pet fleads pls. If the spree can train them, so can we!


Finally, pet yotes are much, much weaker than vrocs. I don't know if this is intentional.


EDIT: on the other hand, I am surprised that a pet giving the killing blow doesn't impact me negatively. I would expect people to hate me if I train an attack dog and use it to kill someone.


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One thing which I find abit annoying atm is that you can't apply any (?) of the Defense cards to your pets except the ones you get from the stock deck. Correct me if I'm wrong I've just been spamming mindlessly with the mutator that allows you to draft your own deck at the start of the game and none of those Defense cards can be applied ot your allies/pets, im pretty sure.
Maybe a card that would be related to pets only could be a cool idea?

edit: you can apply carapace to pets atleast, the item card that you get from killing yote's i believe.

edit2: "Active Defense" can be applied to allies/pets aswell.

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In the Compendium under Item cards I found some unreleased cards regarding pets:
- Courage Crunch: Heal your pet 8 and give them 2 Power. Expend
- Sic'em!: Order your pet to take their action and prepare a new one. Expend

No idea what the last card does though. I noticed there are quite alot of item cards in the Compendium we haven't seen ingame yet.
Wonder if they will be released for the latter part of Rook's campaign or if it's for the new character already. :)

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I saw those too. From what the devs have said, I doubt these will be for Rook. It seems too early for the devs to be implementing cards for the 3rd character already, so my guess is that they will be added to Sal’s campaign eventually.

PS: the last card likely makes the pet do their action now instead of after your turn, then ready a new action for after your turn. 
The first card looks a lot stronger than the regular items we have now. Either the devs are going to rebalance items (which would be good!), or it will be a boss/quest reward.

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