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  1. How do you feel about the changes to attitude and obtuse? I understand the desire to make the cards feel more distinct but I don't think I like how they did it. Attitude only give you one dominance so it's not very useful unless you draw another card to use with is the same turn and since you start with less dominance based cards anyway, I feel like a lot of the time I draw it and it's not worth using even if I'm aiming to play dominance. You need to either quickly get it leveled or really flesh out your other cards to make proper use of it. At least when it gave 2 attitude it might still be of use to you next turn when you had another chance to draw a dominance based card before it all degraded away. I think right now attitudes influence counterpart is way better. It gives you 2 influence and influence doesn't degrade. So it's really easy to stack it even though the starting deck has nothing that will consume the influence, which is counter intuitive because I feel like with the starting cards I always end up with too much influence and not enough dominance. It feels like the starting deck is best built to play influence cards off the bat and you really have to tilt it to get some decent cards for dominance.
  2. Drusk Boss Battle

    Interesting, that really makes clear that this whole game has a combat focus. Why did you decide to make it so it's possible to beat this game without negotiations but not possible to beat it without combat? Do you ever think you'd do a dev Q&A or possibly discuss more about the sort of baked in assumptions you guys have about how the player plays the game?
  3. Cards 100, People 21 grafts 23 It;s just odd that it dodn't mark down a few things I know I used for sure in my last run, but marked other grafts I haven't gotten for a few runs.
  4. I don't think this tracks properly, It hasn't marked down grafts I used in my last run.
  5. Limiting what booster packs are available definitely helps I just feel that the current set up still makes it difficult to have control of your deckbuilding unless you're savescumming. Also more importantly I think it makes it hard to experiment with builds especially in higher prestige levels, you don't get to try really niche strategies using odd cards because it can be hard to get exactly what you need.
  6. I misunderstood, by evade I thought he meant defense, since you get that in game through using the evasion card.
  7. Drusk Boss Battle

    I managed to beat the drusk P7 using a discard deck, changes definitely make the battle seem less punishing especially if you keep your deck small to maximize your synergies.
  8. The changes definitely make combo way more flexible to use and less dependent on getting shoulder roll, I like it. I feel like it's gonna make mixed combo decks easier to build.
  9. The summons mission is a really interesting twist on negotiations and I'd love to see more missions like it, I do however have one complaint. There's a chance that even if you succeed and win the negotiation with the summons incepted, that the person will just reject the summons anyway. This can be a bit confusing and frustrating especially when you expend a bunch of resolve into a negotiation where your victory doesn't matter. I do however like the idea of some arguments being unwinnable, I just think maybe the way it's presented is kind of arbitrary and doesn't take advantage of the game mechanics. My suggestion is perhaps if the person is going to reject the summons this time around even if you win the negotiation, why don't you just make the negotiation unwinnable. Just add the chance on the summons mission that your opponent starts with an indestructible argument that heals 20 resolve per turn. The player sees that and then can just concede the negotiation and try to convince the person using violence. This way you can get a story point across using gameplay instead of arbitrarily telling the player that their victory didn't matter.
  10. I really think you underestimate diplomacy, I've had way more success with diplomacy as compared to hostility in higher prestige runs. One of my go to combos is rapid fire + airtight. I play defensive and build my influence for a few turns and then all at once I'll release a lot of damage and cover every one of my arguments in composure.
  11. Nobody is talking about how this is a pretty heavy nerf to bleed. I'm running a bleed deck which relies heavy on hemorrhage and leech to stay alive and this is gonna make that difficult to do.
  12. Drusk Boss Battle

    @Mister_Eugene I think my next run I'm gonna have to from day 1 build a discard deck just to face these guys. @Hraklea I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the drusk is hard, I'm almost to P7 and they're my only real obstacle, if I get them, run over.
  13. In higher prestiges the difficulty really spikes hard on day 3 but if you get past that to day 4 either boss in that situation feels rather underwhelming and easy to deal with. Ooloo's snail doesn't add much to her difficulty but it adds an interesting really fun game play element and she has some decent challenge. Nadan however is really underwhelming and honestly a bit boring, it is fun to get to have your own snail though but his moveset seems really basic for a boss enemy with a lot of mystique and lore behind him. I do really love how he tries to get you to swap sides though, he's a really fun character.
  14. Any strategies for defeating the drusk? In higher prestiges fighting them feels like hitting a wall, I never get past day 3 unless I get the alternative boss. I've tried investing heavy into combo and focusing on using combat roll to continually build defense and combo, I've tried focusing on bleed and using heavy life restoring cards, no strategy seems effective.