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  1. On day 4 while doing the mission where you help the rise negotiate with merchants to sell stolen spark barren technology after you get to the tent and are told to wait outside an event occurs. So far it has been once we were attacked by spark barrens and twice I had to negotiate the merchant into going back into the tent. Regardless once I resolve the event the game crashes every time. I have attached a screenshot of the crash screen.
  2. I misunderstood, by evade I thought he meant defense, since you get that in game through using the evasion card.
  3. The changes definitely make combo way more flexible to use and less dependent on getting shoulder roll, I like it. I feel like it's gonna make mixed combo decks easier to build.
  4. Nobody is talking about how this is a pretty heavy nerf to bleed. I'm running a bleed deck which relies heavy on hemorrhage and leech to stay alive and this is gonna make that difficult to do.