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Randomly Generated World

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I hate posting so many topics but this is something I really feel needs to be seen and taken into consideration by the dev’s!

Dont Starve Together is a randomly Generated game world, except... it’s not. A lot of the games areas always look the same and have the same contents, sure those locations may spawn on the map in a new area but for the most part once you Do find these areas they contain the same stuff (such as gold ingots always in foggy cemeteries etc...)

i want the option for a Truly Chaotic world where EVERYTHING is truly and 100% randomly generated. (Meaning I may not find a single golden nugget at all while wandering through a foggy cemetery and instead there may be random swamp tentacles that pop up out the dirt.)

Pleasssssseeee give the game a Truly Randomly Generated World option.

I am sure that PC has some mod for this..  but consoles do not have access to mods, so please consider! 

Thank You! :)

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oasis is usually next to bee-area, if there's a big rockyland

oasis is usually next to a forest surrounded by small rocky land, with a spider-infested part, if there's not a big rockyland

tumbleweed dessert is usually next to pig king

swamp is usually on the opposite side of pig king (if we say spawn is the center)

chester is usually next to the stagehand, which is usually next to the frog pond biome, which is usually next to the cobblestone road, which goes from pig king to the pig village

the pig village is almost always near a spider-infested forest

the mandrakes is always in a grassland that's in a forest. in the same forest is a small savannah with beefalo

the moonstone is always in the same forest as the walrus camp

if there's a triple mactusk biome, there's not a big rockyland

if there's a bigrocky land, there is not triple mactusk

the graveyard (the foggy cemetery) is always in the mosaic biome (the weird biome consisting of many types of turf. usually there's a meteor field in it too.)


and so on

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