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Get rid of world-generated roads

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invisible or do you want to change worldgeneration to generate no roads at all? I know how to change the worldgeneration:

put in modworldgenmain.lua of your mod this:

if GLOBAL.rawget(GLOBAL, "TheFrontEnd") and GLOBAL.rawget(GLOBAL, "IsInFrontEnd") and GLOBAL.IsInFrontEnd() then return end -- only load to generate the world

    if level.overrides~=nil then
        level.overrides.roads = "never"

this will change it for all world presets and all worlds (forest/cave..).

If you are using the GEM API mod from Zarklord, you might need additional code so his mod does not change it back to default, see my Shard RPC thread with him or ask again if you are using his mod and it does not work with caves enabled.

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On 2019-10-03 at 2:32 PM, Warbucks said:

I wish there was a world generation option to disable them :(

I actually accomplished this in Single Player DS. I can’t quite remember the name of the file I edited, but I’ll give you the name as well as instructions on how to disable roads when the parts for my new PC get here (My old 2011 iMac’s GPU died, so I’m building a new PC).

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