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  1. Thank you very much! BUT: I changed both to "mouseonly", but it does not work 100% correctly. Indeed, when I hit "enter" it won't select any of the suggested words, thats fine. But when I hit the arrow keys on my keyboard, to move the writing cursor, it will instead move the selected suggested words. So I still have to hit ESC everytime, cause I can not move the writing-cursor otherwise. So you still need to adjust it that way, that "mouseonly" also means "mouse only", also for the arrow keys.
  2. Are you going to add an option to turn it off? Did yo even tested this autocomplete feature? It is a brilliant idea, but how it works is just horrible ! Eg. You want to give any item, so you write: c_g and it shows you c_give. You hit enter, but instead of c_give you get c_give , which is not any help, cause now you have to remove the space at the end. And I usually first write: c_give("") and then add the prefab, but when I hit enter after adding the prefab it will change "cutgrass" to "cutgrass" " which just sucks. So you really have to remove the space! It just nonsense of course. But additionally we need option to disable it. edit: I think the best would be 3 settings: On, Off and "hints". When it is set to "hints", then it will still show you what you could mean. So if you write "tail" it will show you all the prefabs witt "tail" in the name. But it won't crush your command when hitting enter (yes I know I can hit ESC and then enter, but common...)
  3. Hi, the big forge update broke several mods, at least those that were adding a HUD for beefalo, see my bug report here: I hope there are not more new bugs with other mods due to this update =/
  4. mods don't work

    Try some of these: Please report back what helped. And also if the problem is still sovled after a mod updated (cause I friend of mine is able to delete all of those mods in windows safe mode, but is not able to update any mod. So everytime a new update is there, he has to go to safe mode, delete the old version and install the new one -.- )
  5. [DST] Adventure Mod [Unfinished!]

    all worlds are working now But last world "Maxwells Home" is quite empy/useless and might still be bugged. If you have ideas how to make it more interesting and/or what maxwell could say to the player, please write them And of course the worlds might not be balanced. You can test and tell how we can improve specific worlds.
  6. [DST] Adventure Mod [Unfinished!]

    Make sure the mod in the mods folder looks like this: mods/Adventure-Mod/modmain.lua I think at your side it looks like mods/DST-Adventure_Mod-master/Adventure-Mod/modmain.lua You only need the Adventure-Mod folder. The adventure game mode will be were you also can set "Wilderness". In the next version of the mod, I will remove that adventure gamemode, cause it is not really needed. edit: in the version you downloaded the last world is crashing. All other worlds should load, but in Archipelago world, the wormholes are not correctly connected, so it might be impossible to collect all parts.
  7. [DST] Adventure Mod [Unfinished!]

    Hi, the mod is unfinished. If you still want to try it, better use the version from github. Non-steam mods must be manually placed into your mods folder Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\mods After you did that, you can select them normally in the game, but when selecting you will get a warning, that most likely nobody can join, because they can not automatically download the mod, since the it is not uploaded at steam. edit: if you are a modder, feel free to help to finish this mod (you can write me a message if you would like to help)
  8. [DST] QuestsHunt (Beta)

    you need the "api quest mod" in addtion to this one. It is linked in description. When you have both enabled go to the pigking and examine him while standing near him. Then he will tell you about your quest.
  9. yes it is in character selectinon screen, and this time it was waving1 , while ingame I saw all three variations. So it is not a bug, but confusing with this log entry ^^
  10. Just to make sure it is a bug: 1) are you sure they are within range of flingo? 2) when you pick a berry from a bush x times, it also get withered, regardless of season or flingo.
  11. In logfile I get this: [00:05:00]: Could not find anim [emoteXL_waving3] in bank [FROMNUM] Does it mean that the third animation does not work?
  12. When teleporting with LD while godmode is active, godmode is disabled after you reach your destination. Maybe also other things are resetted, so better take a look at it, thanks
  13. Change modsettings of any mod that has a unique hover text for every option from a setting. See what the hover text is. Then reset to default values, by hitting the reset button. The hovertext will still show the previous selected option, instead of the default one. Example: Setting could be: "How long should xy last?" Options: Short (hovertext= 1day) Medium (hovertext= 2days) Long (hovertext= 3days) If medium is the default setting and you change it to Long, the hovertext is of course "3days". But after resetting it to medium, hovertext will still say "3days".
  14. Dedicated Server wont show in list?

    I noticed that the server does appear in LAN, but not in Online. Anyone can imagine the reason?
  15. The knowledge I have about setpieces I got partly from DarkXero and partly teached myself (try and error) from game code. So no gurantee that it is the most efficient/best way Here I learned the most (you should read posts from DarkXero!): Content of this post: - make variable setpieces - add fixed amount of setpiece to a specific task - make sure setpiece is successfully spawned The setpieces described in the tutorial link above are so called "static layouts". You can find more examples in scripts/map/static_layouts. But you can also make some easier setpieces without needing those modding tools. You can find examples for this in scripts/map/layouts.lua For example a simple ring of mushrooms: ["MushroomRingLarge"] = { type = LAYOUT.CIRCLE_EDGE, defs = { unknown_plant = { "red_mushroom", "green_mushroom", "blue_mushroom"}, }, count = { unknown_plant = 15, }, scale = 1.5 } "unknown_plant" is just a name you choose, but must be the same for "defs" and for "count" of course. When you make your own layout like this, simply put the code in a new file in your mods scripts/layouts folder. Eg. for a juicyberryfarm with 4 bushes: return { type = LAYOUT.STATIC, -- Choose layout type args = nil, -- Add any arguments for the layout function defs = -- Define a choice list for substitution below { unknown_plant = { "berrybush_juicy" }, }, layout = -- Lay the objects in whatever pattern { unknown_plant = { {x=-1,y=-1}, {x=1,y=-1}, -- coordinates with 0,0 in the middle {x=-1, y=1}, {x=1, y=1} }, }, count = nil, -- Either choose to specify the objects positions or a number of objects scale = 0.3 -- Choose a scale on which to place everything. -- scale must be 1 if we set grount tiles } At best make one file for every setpiece, like the code above (with return {...}) and name it for example "juicyberryfarm.lua". As you can see in the layouts.lua, you can also edit static layouts to make them a bit more random. Eg. the "simple base" setpiece, defined in scripts/map/static_layouts/simple_base.lua. One entry in this static layout is called "construction_area", which we make random here: require("constants") local StaticLayout = require("map/static_layout") ["SimpleBase"] = StaticLayout.Get("map/static_layouts/simple_base", { -- load the static layout areas = { construction_area = function() return PickSome(2, { "birdcage", "cookpot", "firepit", "homesign", "beebox", "meatrack", "icebox", "tent" }) end, -- picksome is a function defined in util.lua, it will pick 2 random things from the list }, }) Other important values for a setpiece are "start_mask" and "fill_mask". They define how/where the setpiece is placed. When both are not defined, they will get the default values, which is PLACE_MASK.NORMAL I think. When you ever took a look at a logfile, you maybe saw entries like this: "Warning! Could not find a spot for Maxwell1 in node ..." This means according to the masks, it was not possible to place this setpiece, cause the generation found no empty spot. When the mask is normal and the setpiece is quite big, it is very likely that you get this message and your setpiece is not placed. I think start_mask is only one point, where to start to place the setpiece. And fill_mask is the whole space the setpiece needs. You can set the masks to (found in constants.lua): "PLACE_MASK.IGNORE_IMPASSABLE_BARREN": is recommend if you want a high chance of it to spawn and/or it is a big setpiece, since it is much more likely that the setpiece is successfully placed. "_RESERVED": This also ignores other setpieces. This can also mean that two or more setpieces are created at the same place! So be careful with it. Set fill_mask to one of this values is more important, than the start_mask, since fill_mask is a bigger area. Instead of setting those values directly in the layout, you can also set them for any existing layout in modworldgenmain, see below. How to add a set piece to worldgeneration: There are several possible ways. Eg if you want a fixed amount of it to spawn? Or do you want it several times in a specific biome by defining a chance? Fixed Amount: First we load the layouts.lua and add our new layouts to that list (so the rest is done automatically from the game, which adds those layouts to database) local Layouts = GLOBAL.require("map/layouts").Layouts -- load the table of existing layouts. we want to add our layouts Layouts["My Juicyberry Farm"] = GLOBAL.require("map/layouts/juicyberryfarm") -- load our juicyberryfarm and put it into Layouts with name "My Juicyberry Farm" Now you can add the layout for example to a specific "task". You can find all existing tasks in scripts/map/tasks folder: AddTaskSetPreInitAny(function(tasksetdata) if tasksetdata.location ~= "forest" then -- this stuff is only for overworld (of course you can also make it for caves or both) return end tasksetdata.set_pieces["My Juicyberry Farm"] = { count = 2, tasks={"Befriend the pigs","Forest hunters", "For a nice walk", "Magic meadow",}} -- random task from this list is chosen for every count. So if there is no placing problem (masks) you will have it 2 times in the world end) If you want to edit the fill_mask for a layout here instead of in the layout file itself, do this (not 100% sure if addlevelpreinit is necessary): AddLevelPreInitAny(function(level) Layouts["My Juicyberry Farm"].fill_mask = GLOBAL.PLACE_MASK.IGNORE_IMPASSABLE_BARREN end) In case you want something 100% be spawned in the world, like eg. pigking, you can add it to "ordered_story_setpieces" (for prefab you can also use "required_prefabs"). This will cause the world to reload until the set_piece was successfully placed. Make sure you set good fill_mask value, cause if it is normal and it is a big setpiece, you could end up with endless generating of world, cause the set_piece is never placed successfully. AddLevelPreInitAny(function(level) if level.location ~= "forest" then -- only in overworld return end if level.ordered_story_setpieces == nil then -- if ordered_story_setpieces does not exist already, create it level.ordered_story_setpieces = {} end table.insert(level.ordered_story_setpieces, "My Juicyberry Farm") end) You can also set setpieces per room: local rooms_for_pigs = {"BGCrappyForest", "BGForest"} local pick = math.random(#rooms_for_pigs) AddRoomPreInit(rooms_for_pigs[pick], function(room) if room.contents.countstaticlayouts == nil then room.contents.countstaticlayouts = {} end room.contents.countstaticlayouts["PigGuardsB"] = function() return 1 end end) see this and following posts: Example Mods: Increase animals+more game setpieces: Teleportato: Multi Worlds: Map Preset :