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Graphical Elements Suggestions....

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Can we have the UI elements be more window size friendly, like have them wrap to the next row so that UI elements don't get overlaid...



Oh and how about only handling the mouse wheel when the mouse is over (a visible part of) the game window. It's the OS's convention. 

the window being the active window or not has no relevance in this situation.



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26 minutes ago, Zarquan said:

I used to play like this all the time.  My solution was to reduce the UI scaling, but it wasn't perfect.

Unfortunately my max res is 1080p so it's not an option. I'm on a projector, so low contrast and lower res... Scaling down the UI would make most the text unreadable.

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I wish I could scale down the UI groups individually. the iconized stuff could be way smaller, right now the buttons almost the size of a window medium tile... on the scale where all game text is readable (100%)



and at 75% the text is an unreadable blurry mess unless it's black on white. I would not mind scaling the UI buttons all the way down to 60% even, given they are just about the size of a Windows 1x1 tile... 


at 75% the menu bar icons matches the os icons 


but the overlay icons bar is way too small



And the text... there is different kinds of text. text for icons is superfluous and can unreadably scaled... but other text like the manual, the notifications, the resource list and such needs to be scaled individually 









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I changed the name of the topic as I will use it to post other UI Suggestions as I stumble on them. 


So the next thing that is extremely annoying is the color of the carbon dioxide output vent which become extremely difficult to see in the context of the gas pipes overlay... Again in a lower contrast monitor or with tired eye, this is bad. very dark gray on very dark gray is not smart...


This is frustrating especially for the plastic press because the docs don't say it needs a vent pipe for the co2... Every base I put in a plastic press I scratch my head for 5 minutes because it's not working, also the UI will not tell you there is any issue with the building...



Also the icon is terribly conflicting in trying to convey if it's the input or the output. By itself it's fine, it's a fine icon, but when you draw pipes it somewhat becomes, for lack of better word, "tilting"!? 

I'm not the only one afflicted by this, I seen at least one other guy (Brothgar in yt) invert the i/o context while piping... 


Might I suggest you borrow from an existing convention, like i/o  for example?




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