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Found 199 results

  1. I have put the graphics on ultra and still get low shadow quality. And in the resolution setting, it is for some reason stuck on the lowest res possible (even though the game runs on 1080p just fine). Thanks, and keep up the good work! I love this game so far.
  2. -Completed back to class mission -Started walking to next mission
  3. texture failure

    Loading wrong textures when tiny
  4. honestly don't know how it happened, I was restarting a lot and then it was blocking half the screen
  5. Wall Clipping

    Fell in this little corner
  6. I don't know how to reproduce the bug but all I know is I died in the playground hub and this happend
  7. Buggy vision

    I jumped off a ledge with the dog in my hand and this happened.
  8. Don't know, how to reproduce (was after respawn), but it is the second time I encountered this bug.
  9. i think i've flatned my head a it ! :D
  10. Надо зайди в одну железную балку и вертеть камерой и готово, текстуры пропадают
  11. The sunglasses got bugged after i tabbed out for a few seconds. I came back, character stood up, and the floating sunglasses remained to obscure sight.
  12. the bug under dog shades
  13. hole in lava

    by race of summit spawn there is a hole in the lava
  14. Walk into wall

    You can walk into the wall here (in the 3rd level).
  15. Bug visuel

    Bug visuel, on voit les lunettes du personnages. Bug survenu après 3mn d'AFK
  16. Its a big black blox that appeared above me for some reason.
  17. Dying clone

    I was just playing the marathon of basement and fell off into the void. I then looked down there and there was a copy of me at the death plane just falling forever.
  18. I don't know if this cause this but, I used an out of bounds glitch to then get to the all courses marathon early before finishing all of the levels. Im not going to report that because its fun to play with. But anyways, if you go into the crack where my player is and look back, a lot of stuff unloads.
  19. I just loaded up a zone and my head was missing
  20. You just jump onto this ledge
  21. After a respawn my camera was set further inside the character models head (had the pest doctor head) and I could see some of the head triangles. Stayed until end of course. Location was in the first world. Location from bug report not correct.
  22. Can see hat

    Can see hat, not sure what causes it but it's happened a few time. Forgot what the hat's called, but it's the plague doctor looking one.
  23. 死亡之后重生就这样了123453153=