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Polluted O2 processing

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After learning about bead pumps, I came up with this idea for PO2 processing.   Sorry if this isn't original.

  • Use bead pumps set to 0.1g/s to suck the PO2 into an processing chamber.
  • Deodorizers to process the PO2 into O2
  • Autosweepers to keep the deodorizers fed
  • Mechanical filter to separate O2
  • Another bead pump for O2 storage

Saves your dupes from running all over the map to service deodorizers...

In the early game, you can just leave out the autosweepers.

And unlike a SPOM, it doesn't heat the O2 it generates.

It doesn't eliminate slimelung, but that doesn't really seem to be a problem anymore. 
You can just plant some buddy buds where you pump the O2 back into your base.

I realize after the fact, that I could have moved the O2 storage pumps up and made the full design more compact, but I don't want to crack open my 100kg O2 storage tank and spill that back into the PO2.





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