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Now that quarantine doesn`t do anyhting...

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..maybe we could repurpose the med bay room. Lets say it gives a speed bonus to medical activities (healing a dupe) of about 10 skill points worth of healing speed. Time required to heal each dupe should be extneded to compensate for that so each dupe will be cured roughly at the same rate as now if treated at the med bay. Outside it will be much slower so that the med bay makes a significant difference. Also the room requirements could be changed since the dupes no longer spend extended perionds of time healing up except from wounds (which don`t require quarantine anyway).

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On 30.08.2019 at 3:12 AM, bobucles said:

Dupe doctors have practically nothing to do other than prescribe pills. I think it'd be better to make doctor dupes more integral to first aid than to give flat out bonuses to an unoccupied room.

Well that`s a bigger problem. They still care about injured dupes increasing how fast they get better (normally it`s 50% per cycle they buff it to 75% iirc). As for now there is 0 reason to make the med bay. My idea is a kind of bandaid fix but gives it a purpose.

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I think they should make the diseases a problem again, but perhaps I just long for days when slimelung actually killed someone and I really want to see zombie dupes still.


Bringing diseases up would really make the Hospital useful  I agree that I rarely use the Hospital now to the point that I didn't know they changed the name from Medbay until I built one for that achievement.

I posted this somewhere before but adding more diseases would change how we play.  Keep food poisoning as a low disease but make it cause vomiting and diarrhea.  Perhaps dupes with it will run to an toilet before just vomiting on the floor but make that a consequence again that I can get my clean water polluted by not taking care of my dupes.

Slimelung sounds horrible so I don't get why it doesn't kill.  Like, increase the number of days it takes to kill someone but I really feel like the threat of death fit the name.

I have never built a Disease Clinic to the point I had to look up what the name of the tube medicine chamber was.  I feel like that is the perfect building for a zombified dupe.  When a dupe becomes exposed to the zombie spores, they become zombies that attack other players and your players have to beat them up to subdue them.  Once subdued, the zombie dupe is placed in this chamber where they can be cured.  That means having a full colony of pacifist dupes could be death since no one would subdue the zombie dupe.  You'd also need a doctor and hospital to cure them.  After X cycles of not being cured, the dupe dies 

I also think they should add a disease like a fungal thing in you keep your dupes in suits too long so it prevents you from just setting up a suit outside the dupes bedroom and the spend the rest of their life in it.  Make it so we at least need to drop the suit off at some point to decontaminate it.  


The Hand Sanitizer was another building I never use.  I think it if was much small it'd be easier to use and maybe not require all the bleach stone.  Add a recipe to the Apothecary that refills the hand sanitizer but it's like a few gram of bleach stone, water, and some balm lillies which makes a paste that's put into the sanitizer station.


But, to your point, yes.  Please do something with the hospital.  Make it worth building besides to get an achievement.

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