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there is a big problem with jobs getting 'lost', I'm not sure if it's the new food poisoning routine, or what. I have been trying to catch the trigger. Not only will they drop things, they will leave job uncompleted forever. And none of the other dupes pick up the task. There is some inconsistency with animation sequences, reactions, etc.. and the 'work' que. I am gonna try to narrow down what the possible culprits are. As I am, again, restarting Luxury Cosmos, because the pathing is terrible, and the decision making. I am going to have to go back to militantly controlling their every movement. They still run from one side of the base to the other to deliver 200kg of stone, then race all the way back to build a single tile. Then it's off across the map, to do a single dig task in a stack of twenty, then all the way back to disinfect the storage container that no one is using.

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