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  1. Here's another way to explain pretty much the same thing... Hook a Smart Bat. up to your Coal Generator(s) and set it to come on at 60/'ll want these as backup generators as resources are finite unless you're ranching a lot of Hatches. Hook a Smart. Bat up to your Natural Gas Generator(s) and set this to 100/60...if you have Natural Gas Geyser(s) then you'll want to prioritise these as resources are infinite. Ideally you'll want to be collecting Natural Gas so you're not limited to the 5Kg per tile limit, that way you can store reserves. Same goes for when and if you get Hydrogen and Petroleum Generators online. Just use the Smart Battery settings to prioritise what you want to come on first. All your Generators should feed into a back-bone that then hooks up to Transformers wherever you need power. Steam Turbines are different as they're generally used for cooling, although I still hook them up to the back-bone...just no Smart Battery...think of them as extra input to your back-bone. So generally, I'd have this kind of set-up later in the game; Natural Gas - 100 to 60 on the Smart Battery Petroleum - 60 to 30 Coal - 30 to 10 Steam Turbines feed directly to back-bone Solar Power I tend to use on a separate grid for space "stuff". If I have plenty of Hydrogen, I'll slip that in there somewhere as well, usually between Petroleum and Coal. There are more complicated systems that can use automation to turn Transformers off when they're not drawing power so they don't generate heat...have a look at Jahws guides on Steam as they go through a lot of this kind of power set-up.
  2. As @beowulf2010 said, adding a filter is a good idea. One example of where I use this is in a coal generator power plant. The room has three floors, the top two house two coal generators each, and the bottom one is a catch for the CO2. I put my Scrubber in that catch area, then I have the Gas Element Sensor above the Atmo (Pressure) Sensor (set to 1200g, although that can be whatever), hook them both to and AND gate, the AND gate goes to a Filter gate set at 30 seconds. If the CO2 gets to 1200g and is sensed above the Atmo Pressure Sensor for 30 seconds, the scrubber kicks in. Pretty simple and completely stolen from Jahws's guides on Steam.
  3. Ooh, there's a mod? Thanks, don't look at mods generally.
  4. Please, for the love of all things holy, fix the issue where if it saves while you're performing a dig, wiring or piping command, the whole dang map fills with dig commands, or you have piping/wiring all over the place to cancel. Won't somebody think of the children!
  5. I'm finding the same, only it happens with the last pipe in a run rather than a single segment.
  6. Base was started in live branch of QoL Mk.I. After updating to the live launch of QoL Mk.II via Steam automatically there are problems with Schedules. Creating a new schedule deletes an old one.