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  1. Oh, and this - - has been mentioned on Reddit before as something some people use for planning.
  2. I used to do this as well...this was generally what I aimed for early was before the SPOM was a big thing and the bell tower for hydrogen collection was a bit more usual.
  3. [Game Update] - 366134

    Ooh, there's a mod? Thanks, don't look at mods generally.
  4. [Game Update] - 366134

    Please, for the love of all things holy, fix the issue where if it saves while you're performing a dig, wiring or piping command, the whole dang map fills with dig commands, or you have piping/wiring all over the place to cancel. Won't somebody think of the children!
  5. This would have been great for my steam turbine cooling...the oil stopped flowing around and gradually got hotter and hotter and hotter...a siren blaring at a given temperature would have alerted me to the fact before it became a big problem. Cool idea.
  6. Would it be possible for dupes to finish their current storage/supply errand so they don't drop whatever they're carrying (especially annoying things like polluted dirt and bleach stone) in the middle of your base?
  7. It's fascinating how people pick their dupes, and it seems the re-roll mechanism isn't popular, although it was made a little easier when they allowed for picking your base skill. However, my personal preference would be for the player to pick the base skill (Researcher/Digger and so on), and then be able to pick the interests individually whether they want one at +7, two at +3 or three at that point you can't re-roll and are forced to take randomly generated positive and negative traits. Each time you choose something, it is locked (much like when you upgrade on the skills screen). Like I say, my personal preference.
  8. My general base design centers around 10 dupes maximum, but I run with 6 for quite some time until I have an abundance of food and ranches are ready to populate (number 7 is usually a Farmer/Rancher combo). I tend to get the last 3 as I move out of the starting biome and need the extra man-power. The last 4 will tend towards supply/tidy/storage/life roles, but I may flit them to digging/construction priorities if I'm working on a large biome clear-out/build. Although, I taught my 7 year old daughter the absolute basics of playing (toilets > food > research), and she's taken a dupe every 3 cycles. Somehow she's survived without really knowing the game for 74 cycles without any dupes dying...her base full of slimelung, food poisoning, PO2 bottles's a hell-hole, and only now with about 14 dupes is she starting to struggle with food and oxygen. She's got 3 cycles before dupes start dying...she may cry...she's used to crappy idle games like Township on her tablet...
  9. So, who do you prefer to start with and why, and what are your personal preferences for your first six Dupes. Personally; 1. Researcher - Pure +7 Science (ideally with Fast Learning trait). 2. Builder - +3 Construction, and even better if I can get +3 Digger or perhaps +3 Operator 3. Digger - +3 Digging, ideally with +3 Supplier 4. Cook 5. Operator 6. Supplier (to look after Life Support/Tidying primarily, then Supply and Storage.
  10. Simple...every time your eyelids start dropping, punch yourself in the balls and you'll be good for another 45 minutes or so. Repeat for desired length of play-time.
  11. Ooooh, I'm thinking pretty water-lock using a liquid loop...might not be reliable, but it will be pretty...
  12. Slime on Terra

    Yup for Buddy Buds as well. Good catch.
  13. Slime on Terra

    You really don't need to worry about Slimelung too much these days. Just be a bit careful about how you enter a slime biome. I tend to look for an entrance with resources that have no will usually find that the pockets of PO2 have no germs...they only get germs once you start digging up germy Slime. So, I make an entrance point. Dupes have to exit via two Ore Scrubbers followed by a couple of sinks. I make sure only two Dupes can enter initially, to make sure the Scrubbers and Sinks aren't skipped. The entrance is one tile wide initially, and place a couple of Deodorizers at the entrance...once I'm in a start spamming Deodorizers. Make sure you've set up Slime storage in a puddle of water somewhere...high priority. Once you start digging that Slime will get delivered to the Storage after going through the Scrubbers, and the water will prevent PO2 off-gassing. Basically, don't be scared, just be careful with how you approach the biome. Once it's pretty clean down there, you're free to start developing without fear, and it really doesn't take too long to clean a Swamp biome. You could also put a water-lock between your starting biome and the swamp biome...I used to do that before I realized that really, it was unnecessary if you approach the breach with caution.
  14. There's more than one way to skin the proverbial cat, but my personal preference for a single electrolyzer SPOM is to use liquid bridges to prefer sending the Hydrogen to the Hydrogen Generator. However, I DO use a Smart Battery, so that if the pipe to the Generator gets full, the Hydrogen goes to the AETN...somewhere along that line is another liquid bridge that will send the Hydrogen to Gas Tanks if the route to the AETN gets full...if by some miracle the Gas Tanks fill up, any further Hydrogen gets diverted to another Hydrogen Generator for destruction. Might be a bit convoluted but it works, and self powers the SPOM quite happily.