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  1. It's fascinating how people pick their dupes, and it seems the re-roll mechanism isn't popular, although it was made a little easier when they allowed for picking your base skill. However, my personal preference would be for the player to pick the base skill (Researcher/Digger and so on), and then be able to pick the interests individually whether they want one at +7, two at +3 or three at +1...at that point you can't re-roll and are forced to take randomly generated positive and negative traits. Each time you choose something, it is locked (much like when you upgrade on the skills screen). Like I say, my personal preference.
  2. My general base design centers around 10 dupes maximum, but I run with 6 for quite some time until I have an abundance of food and ranches are ready to populate (number 7 is usually a Farmer/Rancher combo). I tend to get the last 3 as I move out of the starting biome and need the extra man-power. The last 4 will tend towards supply/tidy/storage/life roles, but I may flit them to digging/construction priorities if I'm working on a large biome clear-out/build. Although, I taught my 7 year old daughter the absolute basics of playing (toilets > food > research), and she's taken a dupe every 3 cycles. Somehow she's survived without really knowing the game for 74 cycles without any dupes dying...her base full of slimelung, food poisoning, PO2 bottles off-gassing...it's a hell-hole, and only now with about 14 dupes is she starting to struggle with food and oxygen. She's got 3 cycles before dupes start dying...she may cry...she's used to crappy idle games like Township on her tablet...
  3. So, who do you prefer to start with and why, and what are your personal preferences for your first six Dupes. Personally; 1. Researcher - Pure +7 Science (ideally with Fast Learning trait). 2. Builder - +3 Construction, and even better if I can get +3 Digger or perhaps +3 Operator 3. Digger - +3 Digging, ideally with +3 Supplier 4. Cook 5. Operator 6. Supplier (to look after Life Support/Tidying primarily, then Supply and Storage.
  4. Simple...every time your eyelids start dropping, punch yourself in the balls and you'll be good for another 45 minutes or so. Repeat for desired length of play-time.
  5. Ooooh, I'm thinking pretty water-lock using a liquid loop...might not be reliable, but it will be pretty...
  6. Slime on Terra

    Yup for Buddy Buds as well. Good catch.
  7. Slime on Terra

    You really don't need to worry about Slimelung too much these days. Just be a bit careful about how you enter a slime biome. I tend to look for an entrance with resources that have no germs...you will usually find that the pockets of PO2 have no germs...they only get germs once you start digging up germy Slime. So, I make an entrance point. Dupes have to exit via two Ore Scrubbers followed by a couple of sinks. I make sure only two Dupes can enter initially, to make sure the Scrubbers and Sinks aren't skipped. The entrance is one tile wide initially, and place a couple of Deodorizers at the entrance...once I'm in a start spamming Deodorizers. Make sure you've set up Slime storage in a puddle of water somewhere...high priority. Once you start digging that Slime will get delivered to the Storage after going through the Scrubbers, and the water will prevent PO2 off-gassing. Basically, don't be scared, just be careful with how you approach the biome. Once it's pretty clean down there, you're free to start developing without fear, and it really doesn't take too long to clean a Swamp biome. You could also put a water-lock between your starting biome and the swamp biome...I used to do that before I realized that really, it was unnecessary if you approach the breach with caution.
  8. There's more than one way to skin the proverbial cat, but my personal preference for a single electrolyzer SPOM is to use liquid bridges to prefer sending the Hydrogen to the Hydrogen Generator. However, I DO use a Smart Battery, so that if the pipe to the Generator gets full, the Hydrogen goes to the AETN...somewhere along that line is another liquid bridge that will send the Hydrogen to Gas Tanks if the route to the AETN gets full...if by some miracle the Gas Tanks fill up, any further Hydrogen gets diverted to another Hydrogen Generator for destruction. Might be a bit convoluted but it works, and self powers the SPOM quite happily.
  9. There are some great guides by a guy called Jahws on Steam ( https://steamcommunity.com/id/Jahws/myworkshopfiles/?section=guides&appid=457140 ). He has a full walk-through (pretty much) from beginning to about the end of mid-game and a separate guide for useful construction patterns. He's currently updating them for the launch release...last time I looked he was a fair way through with the update...these have helped me a great deal.
  10. Hi, thanks for the feedback. Ranching isn't something I've done a great deal of. When I was running primarily Coal Generators, I did drop Hatches into the room for Coal but it wasn't set up as a proper Ranch (now all my Hatches are dead, so I didn't handle that very well at all). It's something I could improve on. Dreckos I only started ranching because I wanted High Pressure Vents...I haven't done anything with Plastic or industrial Plastic production. Other than that, I've never ranched anything else as I've never got to the point that I needed the materials, and it's definitely a weaker area of my game (as well as more complex automation and understanding what materials are better to use in a given situation). Still it's all learning and I do subscribe to Brothgar although he's a bit techy for me...I believe he is/was an engineer by trade. I'm on his Discord as well which has a lot of great help.
  11. As requested by @chasinji; Main living area - my Glossy Drecko Ranch is just to the bottom left. I plan on moving the heat producing compost and recycled water area outside of the main base as it produces a fair whack of heat. Oxy generation for Exosuits and Shroom farm. I'm playing on No Sweat so food seems to be a non-issue, plus I'm harvesting a lot of natural Pincha Pepper and Sleet Wheat. I know the Oxy generation isn't the best, but it does the job for now, and it feeds Exosuits only. Newly built power generation...plenty of power for my needs at the moment, although I do need to stagger automation for supply and demand. Simple Refinery area which I need to refine (fnar!) as I need to figure out a way to cool the PH2O as the Aquatuner isn't doing enough for larger refinement requests. Finally, Natural Gas Geyser area. In retrospect I'm going to seal the Geyser off so I can pump in 20Kg P/T rather than letting it settle at 5Kg as it is. Still, I lucked out with a very active Geyser that only goes dormant for 23 cycles (I have 21 cycles remaining here). All tanks full and averaging 4.5Kg P/T in the room currently, so I should be good until I can make the changes for the next active cycles (active for about 70 cycles). So, there are a few tweaks I want to do to what I currently have, plus I want to utilise the stuff I've already mentioned in the first post (AETN and so on). Any constructive, downright insulting or cuttingly hilarious criticism welcome.
  12. True...that's exactly where I start coming out of my comfort zone...the only things I'm converting are ores to refined metals in the refinery, or PH2O to H2O...keeping 1000Kg of ice in storage compactors to melt into my water...simple stuff.
  13. Ha! I'll post a couple of pics when I get home from work this evening.
  14. Evil! My base is already very pretty.
  15. Thanks for the reply. This one I take it - How does the lime help me create steel? I thought you just refined Iron Ore to Iron to Steel. Doing cooling with a super-hot volcano? Sound counter-intuitive to me. :/ I've always struggled in the past with taming Cool Steam Geysers. Initially I tried Wheezeworts to condense the steam but that fails after a few cycles as they can't take the heat. I've tried a polluted water loop with a Sieve which worked OK, but isn't feasible any more. So, could I simply run a Pump, an Aquatuner or two, Insulated Pipe to the top of the Geyser room, a little run of Radiant to condense the steam and back to Insulated to be dropped back into the main pool of water? Thanks for the pointers anyway.