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  1. Yeah, I noticed the same bug-out when they're building a floor tile they're standing in. They kind of 'jump' to the next door floor tile when completing the build and pause for a few seconds same as the door bug.
  2. @IpsquiggleDid you guys kill the Hospital room somewhere along the way? Can't make Medical Packs any more to treat Slime Lung?
  3. Hopefully. I liked it better when Slimelung was something to be feared...then the nerfing made it kind of irrelevant. Now in the test build I guess they're trying to push the use of gas masks for entering the slime biome safely.
  4. Mmmm...maybe that's something they "fixed" as it used to be there before you had access to Balm Lillies...I am still early in the game...haven't broken into Caustic yet. EDIT: I've now got access to Balm Lilly and still not able to make the Medical Pack. I'm wondering if they've deprecated it in favour of pushing people to use clean air gas masks instead...can't see anything in patch notes though.
  5. Has anyone noticed that you can't create a Medicine Pack to cure Slimelung any more? Not sure when that changed. I know Slimelung isn't a huge deal, but I'm OCD and like to cure them...
  6. Ooh, there's a mod? Thanks, don't look at mods generally.
  7. Please, for the love of all things holy, fix the issue where if it saves while you're performing a dig, wiring or piping command, the whole dang map fills with dig commands, or you have piping/wiring all over the place to cancel. Won't somebody think of the children!
  8. I'm finding the same, only it happens with the last pipe in a run rather than a single segment.
  9. Base was started in live branch of QoL Mk.I. After updating to the live launch of QoL Mk.II via Steam automatically there are problems with Schedules. Creating a new schedule deletes an old one.