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I've recently started using a mod that lets me create blueprints that copy full designs from one part of my base to another.  It's so nice but I wish something like this existed natively. 

Factorio is a bit simple but they allow us to export blueprints from the game and send to our friends.  I think that would be amazing here as well so if I'm trying to explain to someone new how to set up a system I don't have to take 20 screenshots just to get every little aspect of my design through to them.

I really like that with Factorio I can have an early game design and then just paste the late game design right on top of it to upgrade things.  That would be so useful here as well.  Most of the time you have to build in stages anyway.  Enclose it, vacuum it out, set up the machines, add tiles, run wires, run automation, connect power, etc.  We could have blueprint books like Factorio with all the stages so that once you find a design you like you can save it and just paste it down in your new base step by step.

If it would allow us to save automation settings as well that would be beyond amazing, but I will take what I can get.

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