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Tweaks to Duplicant Behaviors for dangerous areas

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Duplicants don't seem to have a lot of self-preservation instincts, and I think there are a few possible ways to mitigate this issue.

  1. Change dupe behaviors so they avoid hazardous areas that they do not need to be in and prioritize safer chores. (no idling in areas hot/cold enough to cause heatstroke and scalding/hypothermia or areas without oxygen if there is accessible oxygen nearby)
  2. Dupes will actively try to get out of dangerous areas even if trapped (maybe a new idle animation that seems more panicked/other anims that indicate a dupe is in distress)
  3. possible alerts for when dupes are stuck somewhere (besides idle notification)
  4. dupes will not sleep when in distress unless narcoleptic

obviously not all of these will actually prevent dupes from getting in trouble, but might help players notice dupes that need rescuing sooner so that they have a higher chance of survival.

Edit: also, auto-moppable/diggable areas

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