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  • Developer

Hey Grifters,

This update adds filtering to the card compendium, more social boons/banes and death loot, and a special quest chain that can lead to you having a secondary hideout. 

Thanks to everyone who's been providing feedback here and in-game on the usability of the new screen - it really helps!


  • Added a new encounter that can lead to Sal having another safe location on the map (hint: If a luminari in a cape asks you to do something, you might want to listen)
  • Added more death loot cards and hooked up new ones for admiralty patrol leader, vrocs and fleads.
  • Hook up irkow's "top_shelf" "bottom_shelf" specific boons as a protoype.
  • Added card sorting by type and rarity to the card compendium. Locked cards don't show up in search results.
  • Only relevant card-types show up in the filters now. When looking at Negotiation cards, negotiation toggles are visible, and vice-versa.
  • Escape closes the card compendium.
  • Fixed Sparring social boon.
  • Fix outwitted social boon.
  • Scorched earth to only expend from discards and doesn't make animosity.
  • force_target should only apply to damage cards, not eg. exploit weakness.
  • Update all usages of {COMPOSURE X} to X {COMPOSURE} to adhere to card text guidelines.
  • Update all usages of composure descriptive text to factor in modifiers.
  • Visionary Facts changed to Focused Facts.
  • Drink convo optiosn show modified resolve gain values (Eg. from social grafts)
  • Position the character anims within the fight/negotiation portrait display widgets so that their faces are in focus.

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  • Developer
14 minutes ago, ArtixBot said:

Out of curiosity, what are some enemies that drop death loot cards? I keep killing things but nothing special is dropping.

The bosses, most monsters, heavy labourers, admiralty patrol leaders, jakes smugglers, most bandits. We're working our way through the character types. The eventual goal is to get it to be really specific (even per-named-character in some cases).

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  • Developer

I think it's currently 1-to-1, but that's subject to change.

Looking into your hanbi loot feedback now :)

Yup. Looks like death loot is not working at all. Hrmmm. 

Thank you very much for finding that bug, @Artixbot. The death loot awarding code got removed by accident in this build. It will be fixed in tomorrow's experimental.

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Most cards incepted by enemies appear in the "other" category in the compendium, rather than in the "enemy" category.

And I still think putting temporary cards and unique/special cards in the same basket is confusing at best :p I understand it might take a bit of time to fix that, though.

Also, will repeat a request I made some time ago, but cards that disappear at the end of a fight / negotiation, or at the end of the day, should be clearly indicated as such.

I've taken a quick look at the death loot cards (they appear in the compendium), some of them are fairly powerful! The new social boons are also a lot more impactful than before. I am definitely excited about making murder a more interesting decision than it used to be! (please don't quote me out of context)


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