[Game Update] - 360136

Release Date: 08/15/19

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

This update adds filtering to the card compendium, more social boons/banes and death loot, and a special quest chain that can lead to you having a secondary hideout. 

Thanks to everyone who's been providing feedback here and in-game on the usability of the new screen - it really helps!


  • Added a new encounter that can lead to Sal having another safe location on the map (hint: If a luminari in a cape asks you to do something, you might want to listen)
  • Added more death loot cards and hooked up new ones for admiralty patrol leader, vrocs and fleads.
  • Hook up irkow's "top_shelf" "bottom_shelf" specific boons as a protoype.
  • Added card sorting by type and rarity to the card compendium. Locked cards don't show up in search results.
  • Only relevant card-types show up in the filters now. When looking at Negotiation cards, negotiation toggles are visible, and vice-versa.
  • Escape closes the card compendium.
  • Fixed Sparring social boon.
  • Fix outwitted social boon.
  • Scorched earth to only expend from discards and doesn't make animosity.
  • force_target should only apply to damage cards, not eg. exploit weakness.
  • Update all usages of {COMPOSURE X} to X {COMPOSURE} to adhere to card text guidelines.
  • Update all usages of composure descriptive text to factor in modifiers.
  • Visionary Facts changed to Focused Facts.
  • Drink convo optiosn show modified resolve gain values (Eg. from social grafts)
  • Position the character anims within the fight/negotiation portrait display widgets so that their faces are in focus.

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