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Very hard badlands seed

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1485114050 is a really hard badlands seed if you're looking for a challenge. There is miscalculated pod locations and boulders, and absolutely no seeds of any kind in the starting biome. All buried items are muckroot or hatch.

I went up to four dupes and was surviving entirely on muckroot until I was able to get hatch ranching going at a steady pace for barbeque. I had to dig up every last muckroot (and there is a lot due to there being no seeds), and even go to a neighboring ice biome for wild wheat and rust biomes for tofu until I was able to get a large enough hatch farm going full bore.

Another interesting thing is that the starting location is really close to the oil biome at the bottom, and there is easy access to lead that isn't too hot, so you don't have to refine metal prior to getting oil. 

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2 hours ago, metallichydra said:

im not 100% sure, but I think buried objects are random, so if you dig up one, and then make a new save with the same seed, you could get something else from the buried object.

Nope, buried objects are fixed. I've started the same Rime seed (675482) about 5 times now with different worlds and the buried tile directly to the left of the printing pod is always a hatch.


And since you made me curious, I started the world a few times with sandbox on and revealed all the buried tiles around the pod and of about 40 buried tiles, the contents were the same for those tiles.

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