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Automated Storage and Retrieval System MK1

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Inspired from brothgar's ASRS
The idea is to store them in an isolated area filled also with Chlorine (to remove germs, haven't tested with adding slime I'm afraid it might off-gas)
6 conveyor loader set to manual use and to anything you wanted to store.
they will be drop inside with 2 sweeper arm to redistribute them to 12 loaders set to any materials you needed most such as sandstone, granite, etc.
those 12 loaders will now deliver them outside(in my case on top) and to be stored in compactors to limit the materials to 20t each (lesser is preferable)
There are 2 extra loaders and compactors on the corner which can be set to special materials, whenever you need them you can just set it up, and it will be delivered

Im also planning of adding retrieval system outside the base so that dupes no longer have to enter the base to retrieve materials especially for igneous and granite materials. And that this is quiet a power hungry build, hoping to reduce power.

PS: the wheeze is a mistake, and I dont wanna enter again, it was meant to be a sculpture just for "becauseIcan" reason
PPS: priority is important, I bet you can figure it out trial and error

From This



To This



Also.... do storing them in an isolated area improve performance? because its my mean reason for making this.. Thanks

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7 minutes ago, Lutzkhie said:

The idea is to store them in an isolated area filled also with Chlorine (to remove germs, haven't tested with adding slime I'm afraid it might off-gas)

More than 1.8kg of chlorine pressure will keep slime and anything else from offgassing. 

Looks good. :D

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Just now, Lutzkhie said:

quick question, do slime offgas while on transit?
the pressure is 3.8kg too much i guess :D

Not that I've seen but I tend to run all offgassing products though tiles so that would prevent the offgassing. 

As for the pressure, there is no wrong answer as long as it's more than 1.8kg. I either use a normal vent at stay at 2kg or use a high pressure vent and shut it off around 5kg. Why? Dunno I guess I like the thick bright green color in the room. :D

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42 minutes ago, Lifegrow said:

Everything off gasses on conveyor rails - even the old bridge-bridge trick doesn't work.

Only option is running them through tiles or keeping it in a high pressure environment.

This is correct. But they offgas when the dupes are carrying them too I'm pretty sure.

Very similar to what I was dreaming up, although I was going to put it in a vacuum (on a mesh block), hoping that would increase performance by not having all those temp calculations for the debris.

I'm curious if anyone is going to comment on performance. When I asked earlier, the community seemed to think the second option (esp in the vacuum) would offer the best fps. I'm currently setting up for a side-by-side comparison to see if it's a significant difference. Actually, I'm waiting for the dupes to load it up the compactors right now. I'm building it on top of my existing base, so i'm not sure it'll be a good apples to apples comparison since i've got a few exposed geysers increasing the world's clutter, but we'll see if there's much difference.

Honestly though, I kind of lean towards the traditional option since i'm an energy miser lately.

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